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The American legal landscape is rife with opportunities, and young lawyers have much to look forward to. There are good chances of landing a dream job right after law school, provided you take a strategic approach. It requires showcasing yourself to stand apart in the competitive job market. But the last thing you should do after getting a great start is stopping trying to grow. Stagnation is a killer, and you will soon find yourself far behind your competitors if you rest on your laurels. You must have a career progression plan right from the start. Here is the best advice young lawyers can rely on.

Define what progression means to you

Progression is often considered synonymous with getting a promotion or salary hike. But the meaning may differ for professionals as they relate to personal goals as well. For example, a lateral move that takes you from a mid-level position at a corporate firm to a fresher with a boutique firm might make you happier. Progression may also mean going solo or opening up your law firm down the line. Think about what works for you and create a realistic goal. 

Research your path

Once you define your career goal, you must research your new career path. Knowing how to move ahead makes you more confident, even if the road seems daunting. Dig deep to find more about achieving a new milestone, exploring a new practice area, or embracing a leadership position. You can get information online or tap your networks to know what skills you must learn to achieve your goals. 

Be flexible

Career advancement is also about being flexible so that you can grab the best opportunities whenever and wherever they are available. Be open to upgrading your knowledge and skills with ongoing education. Consider exploring a new market where better jobs are available. For example, you can get into the busy legal market in Washington DC by relocating there. A specialist recruitment firm can help you find a job that aligns with your career goals. Relocation is an ideal growth move for young professionals because there are fewer personal barriers at this stage. 

Prepare for setbacks

Remember that progress does not come without hindrances. You may encounter challenges and make mistakes on the way, so be prepared for setbacks. A positive mindset and persistent approach can help you take them in a stride and reach your goals eventually. Also, think of alternative plans to stay on the growth track even if things do not work the way you want. 

Have realistic timelines

You cannot expect career progression to happen at a lightning pace, no matter how skilled and talented you are. Going too fast is counterintuitive as you may lose your way or face burnout before reaching your goals. Have realistic timelines for moving up the career ladder, but be ready to embrace unexpected opportunities that come along the way. You will be far more comfortable with a pace that works for you.

As a young lawyer, you may find endless career growth opportunities everywhere. But you must chart your course carefully and follow the right ones at a comfortable pace. Follow these tips to reach your goals and beyond! 

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