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If you want to help others, you may think about volunteering your time to your favorite local charitable organization. But, if you simply do not have the extra time available to become a dedicated volunteer, the next best thing is to provide regular donations to your favorite non-profit organizations that are doing the work that you would love to be doing yourself if you could. Whether you want to help conserve the environment and save wildlife, rescue animals of all species, help children get the medical care they need, assist in helping to find a cure to deadly diseases, or bring relief to the impoverished or those who have been hit by a recent natural disaster, there are so many charities to choose from.

Giving your money, or even boat donations, to charity will put it to good use. These non-profit organizations will use your money to help others, and you can rest assured that you have done your part to make the world a little bit better for the people and animals in it. The other bonus to making charitable donations is the ability to use these as a tax write-off at the end of the year and hopefully get a larger refund from the government as a result.

Below is a short list of some of the many charities doing incredible work around the world. Consider donating to these charities the next time you are in a giving mood.

Action Against Hunger

Giving your money to Action Against Hunger will help them provide food and assistance to millions of people in over 40 countries around the globe. This organization not only provides aid and saves people’s lives, but it also teaches people how to grow their own food and become self-sustaining communities on their own, thereby ensuring their future.

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Conservation International

If you want to help the environment, Conservation International is here to study how human activity around the world is impacting our oceans, grasslands, forests, and more. The organization’s research is able to prove where environmental conservation has already had a benefit to the local ecosystems, as well as human communities, and also recommends where more conservation strategies are necessary.

Humane Society of the United States

When it comes to assisting animals of all species, from wildlife to farm animals and even domesticated pets, the Humane Society of the United States is one of the largest groups on hand to help. In addition to providing spaying and neutering services for cats and dogs, the organization also helps animals after natural disasters. People who support this group feel that there should be stronger laws in place to protect animals as well.

Partners in Health

If you want your donation to help sick people in needy parts of the world, consider giving to Partners in Health, an organization that works to send doctors to areas of the world, like Rwanda, where medical care centers are few and far between. This organization also assists people after natural disasters.


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