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I’ve been working and earning online for 8 years and my main source of income is still freelancing. No matter how many popular websites I created or how many businesses I established, I’ve always loved working and making other people happy. The great thing about freelancing is; no matter if you are new or old, if you posses certain skills people actually need, you will always be able to earn money online. What makes situation way easier is that there are so many freelancing websites you can take use of anytime you want.

When you are left without any job and your bank account is lowered to zero, you can always lean onto these sites, apply for several jobs and earn a quick buck.

Freelancing might not be the most lucrative and easiest way to earn money online but it’s one of the quickest.

This post will focus on showing you best freelancing websites that are visited by hundreds of people everyday who are looking to hire someone to take care of theirs business. So sign up to these and you can be hired even today.


The first one is the best one. Most freelancers start here because Odesk has great design, great navigation system and awesome opportunities for newbies. You are not going to become a billionaire working for others on Odesk because, let’s be honest, people who are hiring on Odesk are not generous and if you set high prices, you will never earn anything. You need to price your skills extremely low on the start; pick up on several jobs, get couple of great reviews and start applying for better paying gigs. I also do not recommend writers to join Odesk because people on Odesk are looking for extremely low paying writers so your time is not worth over there. However, designers and SEO experts can expect lot of success if they crafted their skills.

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I used Elance way more than Odesk in my career because I liked the prices way more. People on Elance are always paying more than on Odesk and that’s what it is so great about it. Elance has also set up couple of limits to minimum payments. There is no way anyone could transfer you less than $20 for any job or hire you for less than $3 an hour. I definitely recommend you to join this site.


I really like Fiverr because it’s easy to use and you can start earning money straight away. People are avoiding Fiverr because they don’t like to get $4 for a specific task they need hours to accomplish. That’s true, time is money, so don’t waste it on stupid things. But, what you didn’t know is that there are certain people who are averaging around $40-$50 per gig on Fiverr and that is definitely worth their time. So if you reach to a certain level on Fiverr, you can start earning couple of thousands dollar everyday. Isn’t that great?

Other great websites

  • 99 Designs- For designers
  • iWriter- For writers



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