Feeling your pockets empty this Christmas? Does this event appear to be more as a terrifying money story than as a moment of joy? Well, I could say I know how you feel… still, money does not need to be a problem (ever!) but a modality to fulfill your purpose. In order to pass this Christmas on a low profile yet with joy and cheerfulness, we got you covered with 2 of the most inventive yet the best gifts for Christmas on a budget! Stick with us and who knows, you might find yourself having already thought of a fabulous yet cheap gift you could make for Christmas! Keep on reading to find out more –


Hidden compartment book

Do you have a collector looking into your house, hidding every spectacular thing he finds? Well, I think we have managed to come up with one of the best gifts he would ever want this Christmas! I am sure you have seen this one at least once in your life, since it is truly a great idea to cope with! The hidden compartment book is specially designed for hidding one of the most precious things, from money to an iPod or even iPad! All you need to have in order to DO IT YOURSELF (see, we are already thinking at your budget) is to buy/have a book. Make sure you do not actually need it in the future – also, see how hard its cover is (since we need a hardback cover book) and hollow up the pages the same way you find the tutorials online! It is easy, cheap and definitely a fabulous gift you can come up with this winter!

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Homemade Tea

Mmm… did anyone say tea? What would be better than a hot cup of tea this winter, when the degrees outside are dropping and the only source of heat is the fireplace? Well… maybe a cup of hot chocolate – yet, I do not think a well-dressed woman would go for that, since it has a numberless number of callories! This Christmas mix some of the teas you have in your home, get some pretty little boxes (that you can find under $4) and that is it! You have from now on a beautiful and tasteful gift for Christmas! Cheap, easy and definitely with a great impact, you can always add a packing tape to make it more beautiful, but overall it should not exceed not even $10!




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