In the past couple of months, I’ve signed up to a couple of awesome Internet Marketing and Blogging forums I wish I signed up earlier when I was starting my Internet Marketing journey. I decided to share all of them with you. In case you haven’t heard about these communities, I’d like to share my personal experience and tell you my reasons why you should sign up. The best thing I like about forums is that they are full of like-minded people who are extremely happy when they share a tip or a trick with other members.

These are my 5 best ones:

  1. BlackHatWorld-  I signed up to this forum just a little more than two months ago. It seemed like a great community but I really didn’t expect so much knowledge to be shared. If anyone ask me where a newbie should start his IM journey, I’d definitely recommend this place. It’s full of people who are more than happy to share a piece of advice. On this forum you will also be able to find lot of freebies so if you need any premium tool or guide for free, BlackHatWorld should be first on your list. What really keeps me committed to this community is the number of step by step methods that are shared. I learned a lot since I joined this community and this is why BlackHatWorld is first on my list.
  2. Warrior Forums- The owner of recently purchased this forum, however, the forum hasn’t changed to much. They still claim to be the biggest IM forum on the Internet and with the number of threads and members, they are definitely right. What I don’t like on this forum is fact that they are organized poorly. I just can’t get the right information when I needed it. Number of useful members are high but my vote still goes to BlackHatWorld.
  3. DigitalPoint– The biggest reason why this forum is so popular is the marketplace they have. It’s the second biggest website marketplace on the planet after Flippa. While selling websites and domains is popular on DP, number of service providers is extremely high. Unlike Warrior Forum, DP is best organized forum on the internet. They have multitude of categories and they are updated with new threads every day. What I don’t like is number of active spammers on this forum. On almost every thread you will be able to find a spam response.
  4. Affiliate Fix- Little known forum to the majority, however, this forum is slowly becoming one of my favorite. I was one of the first few members who joined there and I could watch how this forum rise to the stars. What I like about this forum is that there is almost no spammers at all and the number of useful members is probably the highest. If you are into CPA and Affiliate Marketing, then Fix needs to be your next thing. I tend to see big names like Luke, an affiliate manager from Peerfly, rolling around and sharing great methods for earning money.
  5. Wicked Fire- This forum shouldn’t be newbie’s first choice because most of the members have experience I’ve never seen in my life. They have been in IM for decades. They are there since the beginning and they don’t like to hear newbie’s questions. However, the amount of quality information is huge. Knowledge they share needs to go straight to the book. I usually keep my pen and my notebook when I read WF because I always need to write something down.
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These are the 5 you need to visit on a weekly basis if you are truly into IM. Enjoy!




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