Recently I was looking at some nice laptops for anyone who works online, and I must say that the choice is big, but when it comes to writing and blogging there are 3 of them that caught my eye.

What do we need to look for in a laptop, well everyone looks for different things, but for me, as a blogger it’s important that it has nice and comfortable key pads. Fast CPU, that it’s very light/ portable and that it has a back lit keyboard.

Now when it comes to quality, while I did my research, Dell, HP and Apple were still at the top of the food chain, in 2012 and I’m sure that it will be the case in 2013 too.

If you’re doing online writing and blogging the Dell or HP are the good choice, because they are very comfortable and very easy to use. While if you’re doing a web design or video editing then Macbook Air or new Pro with Retina display are good choice.

Here are 3 laptops that are pretty good and can be from a great help if you’re writing a lot and running your online business.

HP Folio

You probably heard for new laptops called ultrabooks, they’re light and thin but still very powerful  and HP Folio is one of them. Not quite as thin but still has the power and design for writing and blogging.

Dell XPS 15

One of my favorite ones, great design, it looks a lot like Macbook Pro and it’s powerful too it has great backlit keyboard and you will be in the center of attention with this laptop for sure.

Macbook Air

I know that marketing played it’s role over the years when it comes to apple products, but you can’t say that Air is not very portable and powerful when it comes to running your business on the go.


There you go, these 3 laptops are one of the best right now, at least in my opinion, and the price is affordable too. You can check them out if you need one very soon. This is not sponsored post or anything, that’s why there are no any links, this is 100% my opinion.


image source: cnet