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2015 is already here, and so are there New Year’s Resolutions we decided to go for as soon as we’ll step into the new year. New shoes, new personality, even a new job is on their ways to get us. Still, have you ever thought of some really resolutions that can be applied to you, to make you happier, more proud of you and even more whealthy? If so, you are at the right place! Make sure to stick with us and keep an eye onto the following lines to get a better image of a piece of best new year’s resolutions you should better keep an eye on this year!


Lose Weight. Now.

Not tomorrow or anytime else! Now is the time to start getting some practice. For how long did you said to yourself and promise that but never took real account of what you planned to do? This time, this is the moment! Make sure to start losing some weight, just due to the fact that a beautiful body comes with a beautiful mind and with a relaxed and equilibrated mind, just because this is what exercise does to your life.


Eat Healthier Food – But most Important, Less Food

Yes, you have heard that right – nowadays, it is extremely important for any human being to eat healthy food. And by that I mean organic food, one that would not cause you colesterol and yet, would be delicious. Most of us are heading towards to that thing, which is great. But do you know what is even greater? To eat less. Yes, less than you eat now! Your body would really enjoy taking a rehab time for himself, to get some breaks from once in a lifetime.

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Procrastination – OFF

This year, it is all about you. Your whole life is in your own bare hands, and you are able to do anything you want with it. If it goes wrong, in the end you should don’t – ever – blame others for your loss. This was all your fault, but why are we talking about negative stuff? We don’t want this to happen, reason why procrastination in 2015 is in the OFF mode. We enjoy this place, and we really don’t want it ON. Just because we really enjoy what we are doing. So, are you with us? I bet you’d love to!


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