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Did it ever cross your mind how can you make a living talking? Do you enjoy talking, discussing with different people yet not having wasted all of the topics? If so, you are at the right place to see what you can do with your talky thing.



For years now, it was said that people who tend to be rather talky do not have an advantage, but a drawback when thinking at the fact that they might ruin a project or discussion by saying something that should not be said. In this case, being talky can easily get you some great money in your hands – stick with us and keep on reading to see what the sums we talk about are:


Probably the most enjoyable job you would think of, being a trainer comes in handy for those who like to talk. Not only are you being paid lots of money, but if you are a good trainer people will respect you and hold admiration to everything you teach them. On the same token, being hired as a trainer comes in the same package with traveling a lot, to different places, towns, countries and even continents. The payment might vary from $30,000 to $40,000 – without the plane tickets brought by the company!

Professional Advisor

Undoubtedly the best paid talky job, being a professional advisor comes with numerous advantages. Not only are you able to meet some really important people in your life, but also understand what lies between negotiation and how to make people be on your side more constantly. Speaking of the salary, it varies between the fields you are advising – economy, politics, social etc, anything that works for you works for the payment as well! Somewhere around $50,000 would make the deal.

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Usually, the ones who talk less write more and vice versa. I cannot deny it, it is really impressive and definitely a line you should start being guided from. In this case, working as a freelancer when being a talky one suits the oratorical field – there were you need to add details, be a translator or recording stories for everyone that might need your service – and trust me, there are plenty! All you need to do is to make a circle of beneficiary held between you and the ones you are working for – and the money will come easily, as you start gaining experience and people hear about you!


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