Have you ever wondered what the best workplace everyone dies for is? Would you like to be one lucky guy, working on one of the most craved places on earth? If so, this post is the right one for you. Make sure to stick with us and keep on reading to see what the best places to work in a lifetime are – trust me, after searching for some photos, there is no way back!

Dreamhost – La Brea, California

If you enjoy working on both opening and private spaces, Dreamhost should immediately turn into your second home! This appealing work place has nothing to do with stress, but with relaxing areas where to take breaks. For instance, you will be more than pleased to be welcomed by a ping-pong table and some new colleagues ready to lead you to a duel. Large glass windows for sun light inspiration to come through you, trust me, this is the real heaven where you will start earning your money!

Comvert – Milan, Italy

Looking for an open working space? Comvert, a company based business formerly known as a cinema place is here to help. This magnificent space is the most inspirational place to work, to receive the divine inspiration we are all looking for when being at our job! In this case, Comvert can help you – in addition, behind the ceiling you will be more than welcomed to find an indoor skate bowl where to relax, meet up with colleagues and have a chit-chat!

Selgas Cano – Madrid

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I think I found the right one for me. An open space (as opened as you can feel the leaves on the ground, the wind upon your hair and a natural inspiration coming across yourself) is the key to a well-done job. This is what I am definitely craving for, since my colleague will be right in front of me, so close yet so far due to the fact that all of us receive a really big private space for our business. Hopefully we will meet there!

Google Offices – Zurich

Want to feel the childhood running through your veins again? If so, the Google Offices back in Zurich is the right place for feeling as a child again. There is no secret the best places are in the biggest companies, due to the fact they get the chance to surprise and entertain their workers as much as possible – they value their workers, as much as they can, since they know the right job is done when people are happy enough.




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