If you want to make money online, then you may think that there is one site that will be the best over all of the others. However, it is hard to pinpoint one specific site because it depends on how you want to make the money and what skills you have.

Some people make money by setting up their own site and therefore for them, this is the best site. Some people go to a freelance site and pick up jobs there and therefore consider that to be the best. However other freelance workers might find that there are other websites that they prefer and so it can be a very personal thing. This can be true of other sites that people use to make money as well such as surveys, free lotteries, pay to click, pay to watch videos and things like this. The sites vary a lot in the way that you earn, the way they look, what opportunities to earn they have available and things like this and so it means that different people will like different sites.

As there are so many different ways to earn, it can be wise to ask around and see which sites friends and family have tried out and what they think of them. You can also look online at money making forums to see what others are saying as well. This will not only help you to see which sites are popular but also allow you to see what sites you can choose from which can be very useful as well.

So it is important to think about what sort of work you would like to do, how much money you need to earn and what skills you have to help you with the work. This should help you to more easily find the right sort of work to suit you. Consider whether you want large projects which take a lot of skill to complete or whether you would prefer something easy and quick. You will find that the easier work will usually pay less money though. You may also find that on a lot of sites you will have to accumulate a certain amount of earnings before you can get paid. This is standard practice for this sort of site and is usually done because the administration costs of making payments is too high to make them really frequently. If you are being paid to Paypal, it makes sense for you as well as you may have to pay Paypal fees on money that you are being paid in.

Even once you find a few good sites that you like, it is wise to keep looking every so often. Things will change you see and you will find that there are different places that you can find work, new places or ones that have grown in popularity and perhaps changed. You may then decide that you want to look at some different sites and perhaps change to them instead or use them as well as the ones that you are currently using. You may like to use lots or you may find it easier just to use a few sites. It all depends on what sort of work you are doing and how much you can find on each of the sites.