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Applications are big part of our lives today, we use them for many things, from job apps, personal finances to social media apps.

We use them anytime and anywhere.

But people that are making applications are the one that should get the most privileges. And that’s  why I’m writing this article to tell you about websites where you (developers) can sell your apps and make money online for your effort.



You deserved it big time, everyone who makes great applications deserver to sell them and get ROI, because hard work is needed when you are developer, I know that from personal experience.


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Websites to buy and sell apps

I will skip the Google and Apple marketplaces and will tell you about other ones that you probably don’t know and they deserve to be mentioned.


Binpress ( – a marketplace for commercial open-source. They provide a platform for developers to build profitable businesses working on their open-source code. is the marketplace for buying and selling application code and rights.

You can buy and sell ownership of any applications for mobile, cloud, or traditional desktop/server applications.  This includes iPhone, Android, Blackberry, iPad/iPod, Symbian, Windows Mobile, Palm, Linux, MacOS, and more!

Your marketplace for android apps.

Sell your apps and get great exposure.

Primarily, is a digital marketplace where people can buy apps, games or software applications for the mobile, web and desktop platforms or devices. They also give users the ability to purchase software licensing rights for the purpose of resale. This means, marketers, business oriented people or regular folks can now sell apps like developers.

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Are you an app developer? If you have any apps under your belt which you would like to sell off (with source code) then you’re in the right place.Or, if you’d like to have your own app to make money with, then again you’re in the right place. Their site is all about buying and selling apps.

This is very great and interesting apps marketplace. Here you can buy and sell  Pre-Made Android Apps.

Give someone else a chance to market your unpopular or unlaunched apps.


There you go, the list of Interesting and great websites where you can sell your apps, make money online with your app, and much more.

These sites are worth checking and trying out, and I hope that you will find the one that fits you the best.


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