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There are so many startup companies that will only begin a business and then fail miserably because the entrepreneurs do not know the three basic tips that will literally save their initiative. The unfortunate thing is that they make rookie mistakes which take a serious toll on the business and most of them will quit before they get the first paycheck. So here are the 3 tips that no one will tell you, but which you need to follow religiously.

1. Be reachable by the clients

Remember the time when you leave a message and then wait hours for the other person to call back. This situation is similar to the relationship between you and your clients. The customers need to have the possibility to reach you as soon as possible because they do not want to wait. In most cases, they have found your business on Google among with many other ones and they are now scouting for the best company.

Each call that you miss might be a sale that you drop. Therefore, invest a lot in a reliable answering service. You can use a dedicated department in order to get an increase in conversions and also in the satisfaction of the client.

2. A solid marketing plan

Launching a product is a really exciting thing. But before you do this, you need a good marketing plan. You have to figure out why your product is better than the one of the competition. In case you cannot give any reason for it, the truth is that you have to rethink the entire strategy. By identifying these distinctive issues, you will build a plan that will appeal to the clients. It will be a shame to have an awesome product and no sales for it.

3. Don’t work without help

It is really tempting to try and do everything on your own. You are an entrepreneur and you feel that no one knows things better than you. The thing that you have to do is hire real professionals. They will be able to take over the tasks and work with extreme efficiency. Your time is priceless, so do not waste it on non-sense. Delegate as much as possible in order to save a lot of time.

It is normal for any startup to have its ups and downs. This is why an entrepreneur needs to have specialists of all kinds available to him. Do not be a failure and try to learn from these powerful tips that are excellent just for you.

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