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Many video hosting sites are paying people to upload videos to their sites.


Because they will get more traffic and more new customers.

What I get from uploading videos on their sites?

You will first get viewers, and when  you reach certain amount of viewers ( depends of site) then you will get paid for uploading videos.

How to get viewers?

Well, don’t cheat and don’t use some software for generating views cause you will get banned, instead, share your videos on places like blogs, forums, etc.

Just think where people are and what are they looking for, if you made a video about making a good lemonade, then find place where people are talking about it and share your video link. When you get viewers on that video, you will make money with video hosting site. Some people are looking for good entertainment videos like …  if you know what I mean.

Share your video links and earn really good cash with those videos, record your dance or your dog while playing and share it with people on fb, only views from your friends will be enough to make money. Imagine that you are having over 1000 friends and you upload your video link and  1,000 people  sees it, that’s  $10 already.

Also while on the site, check their rules for file size. And these sites are paying usually over paypal, alertpay  so you will get your money fast.

What are the Best video hosting Sites to make money from?

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Here is the list of sites that are trusted and pay their users on time.

UPDATED (new sites added): September 30th 2012

Filenuke – –  find the Internet files, upload them to, and they will start to pay you for downloading, for the sale of premium accounts, and of course the referral. But you must understand that not all the files are interested to other users, try to upload only new and actual.

Nosvideo – Earn up to $10 per 10000 video views and downloads. Earn $$$ from viewed and downloaded videos that range from 50 Mb to 5000 Mb. Earn 50% of all premium sales and re bills generated by your videos links or through your affiliate link. Your sales will be tracked even if the downloader first signs up for a free membership. Everyone can earn money no matter where they are from

Nowvideo – They pay $10 for each 1000 video streams, minimum payment amount is $200, files have to be bigger than 5MB. Streams are counted only if done from the following countries: Canada, Norway, Finland, Sweden, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Belgium, Greece, Denmark, Ireland, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Lithuania, Australia, Russia, Japan and Singapore.

VidBux – – earn $1 per 1,000 downloads.  At the end of each month the collected points are converted to their cash value and will be marked as pending for payment. Payments are made on NET 35 basis. All the money that you earned during August, will be paid on October, 5th.

Vidxden – – earn $1 per 1,000 views, minimum payout amount is $25. Payments are made via their Pre-Paid MasterCard or by ACH/Wire Transfer (powered by Payoneer).

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