The University of Maryland offers a masters of business administration program online. Through this online educational alternative, a person can obtain an MBA and still maintain all of his or her professional commitments and responsibilities.

The fact is that many women and men elect not to pursue an MBA, and end up holding their career’s back, because attending school in the brick and mortar world simply is not practical. The online MBA program offered through the University of Maryland solves this problem. Through the online MBA course, a person literally is able to obtain this advanced, career advancing degree, in a very convenient manner. A person does not have to disrupt his or her life and responsibilities to obtain a degree.

The online program is offered through the University’s highly acclaimed Robert H. Smith School of Business. The program offers what is described as a truly transformative educational experience. The program is dedicated to developing skilled business leaders and entrepreneurs, people who can applied their education in the advancement their careers and the betterment of their communities.

A student in the online MBA program is able to select a specialization in information systems, marketing, accounting, business analytics or finance. In the alternative, a student can select a more generalized educational track that provides a comprehensive introduction the core concepts of each of the specializations offered through the online degree program.

In addition to being a highly convenient and efficient way to obtain an MBA, the online masters in business administration program is also affordable. A person interested in obtaining an MBA does not need to break the budget in the process. Not only is thus University of Maryland online alternative highly affordable, students can also qualify for different financial aid programs, possibly including scholarships, grants or loans.

More information on the University of Maryland online MBA program offered through the Robert H. Smith School of Business can be accessed at This includes resources relating to registration, course availability and financial aid matters. Staff members are available to discuss the online program with any prospective student at his or her convenience.

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