When talking about WordPress, we all know how easy is to use it and how important this content management system is for newbies in Internet Marketing world. To be honest, I never even tried to learn the basics of coding because I always knew that people will keep updating WordPress as it is one hell of a choice when creating a website.

Why I think like that? 

Simply because I can create any type of website as easy as possible and optimize it to look good, load quickly and to be easily found by customers.

All in one solution for everything you need.

In today’s post I will be focusing on the parts where you need to successfully optimize a WordPress website for search engines so people could easily find your website when searching through the Internet.

I believe this process is pretty straightforward and that any newbie can easily learn it. It’s practically like doing basic steps on your PC.

Why I think like that? 

Plugins. It’s all you need when doing an On-site optimization of a WordPress website. I managed to test and gather only the best plugins. There are many available on the Internet because any tech-savvy guy can easily make one and share it to the world but I’m only putting out the best as always. Of course, you don’t need to install all of them. Just the ones you think will suit your needs.

Let’s start.

1. Yoast SEO WordPress plugin

A must plugin for any WordPress website. Few years back, I was owning around 90 websites and they were all running this plugin. It’s great because you can get it for free but you can also go for the premium version which will offer you some additional optimizations. If you are new to website creation and SEO world, go with the free version and test it to maximum. You are going to like it!

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2. Social SEO Pro

There was no such plugin when I was starting only because social media wasn’t one of the important factors when trying to rank for a specific keyword. When Google was changing the algorithm, people started realizing that Google is relying on social media a lot and that will be the case for the future.

What does this plugin do? 

It helps you with creating graph tags, Twitter Meta cards, Google Authorship, Facebook integration etc..

3. Broken link checker

This is very useful but still pretty easy to handle WordPress plugin. It does very simple job: it’s finding all external and internal broken links (404 links) on your website and it is giving you notice to fix them immediately in order to achieve better rankings.

4. Google SEO images

The only plugin on the list that is related to optimizing images for search engines. It’s very important to optimize images on your website for search engine as you can drive significant traffic to your website through images on Google.

Few more plugins you may need:

Google XML sitemaps- For creating XML sitemap which helps in indexing pages. This can easily be done without installing a plugin.

All in One SEO/ SEO ultimate- Alternatives for Yoast plugin.



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