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Have you always been attracted by the adrenaline rush, the one going fast on your veins? Would you like to feel it everyday when working? If so, you should definitely make the best out of your like while taking up one of the best world’s extreme jobs – that, on top of that, are best paid in the world. Playing up with faith has never been more appealing or pleasant to do, since the money are coming in a fast and high amount. Make sure to stick with us and keep an eye onto the following lines to find them out!


Cave Driver

Is swimming your hobby? Are you a curious fellow from the first moment you were born? If so, you might start taking into consideration being a cave driver. Not only will you touch and see the unseen world beneath us, those virgin areas of water that cannot be easily desciphered, but also will gain as much as almost $60,000 per year. Still, there are some drawbacks of which you should not keep your eyes away from – if you can handle the possibility of remaining without oxygen or breathing the wrong gas mixture (since oxygen becomes poisonous below six meters) you are definitely going to take this up!


Crocodile Psychologist

Do you think you have enough skills to make someone do what you want? Are you quite a manipulator in real life? Try it on crocodiles! By testing it, you might find yourself gaining more than $62,000 per year. All that you would need to do now consists in making the crocodiles make it through the shore for different studies. After that, you will have to put it back in his habitat – still, crocodiles are worldwide renowned for their power and thus there are high chances to make yourself some damage.

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Skydiving Instructor

Yes! Ever wished to work within the sky? Well, if skydiving is your passion, there is simply no wonder why you should take this job as a career – or a real profession. You will make up to $24,000 per year, being almost always in the air and playing with others’ fears. By relying on the equipment (the parachute) it might be quite risky, although you are responsible for both you and the jumper to him you are linked. It is easy and super interesting to be doing it on a daily basis, still it is up to you what road to take.


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