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Are you looking for a great modality to make money online from… home? Would you like to sit comfortably in your armchair, feeling cozy and yet, make some dollars? If so, you are at the right place! Nowadays, the Internet can be easily used not only as a virtual library, but a way to find what you are best at. In case you like to be recorded, receive feedbacks and have some knowledge regarding what testing a website is all about, the lines below will introduce you to BetaPunch – one of the best ways to make money online.

BetaPunch is a Company that offers services for the startups, such as user testing for any website.

Being a BetaPunch tester

The first thing to be done for becoming a BetaPunch tester is submitting a website recorded review and wait up to 24 hours to see whether or not you are accepted. If the answer is positive, you will immediately gain access to all the information and details concerning your new online job.

As a tester, you will need to keep recording your screen and voice throughout the testing period. You will receive the payment based on the feedback and the quality of the service you provide the website owner with. All the testers need to fulfill one important requirement, which is recording their testing at least 10 minutes, up to 15 minutes to receive a rating as close as possible to obtaining a satisfactory payment.


On the one hand, the payment is done specifically based on the stars you receive. For instance, if it happens to receive a 5 star rating, your account will increase with $5 – in short, you get a dollar per star! The entire payment is done via PayPal, only after the $15 balance is exceeded. On the other hand, in case you do not achieve at least that sum a month, the money will be transferred to the next month – throughout which, you will be able to get the cash out whenever you want to! After this process, you will receive your money in 24 hours after confirming your cash out, by receiving, as well, an email that requires your PayPal email address to make sure where your money goes. There’s no wonder why, since the email used for BetaPunch may not match the PayPal one – that’s a formal and yet important assurance to receive your money!

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Account details

Believe it or not, as a BetaPunch tester you do not need a password attached to your account, only the email. It is a fast and easy way to enter to your account anytime, not having to wonder if anyone gets to your BetaPunch profile – in such a case, the only thing he is able to see concerns the testing you have been finished, but nothing more! All the information is send via email, so nothing is showed off!

Tips and tricks for a positive feedback

As a beginner, it could be hard to receive positive feedback. Still, there are some helpful tricks that can easily provide you with a higher star rating! First of all, make sure to have a friendly tone – people are likely to listen to those who treat them with respect and take their business for granted. In addition, try to talk slowly, so the website owner will understand every word you say. The last but not least, make suggestions, give advice and any other details that can help him improve his website – if followed, maximum feedback rating will be achieved!




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