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I’m back again and I will write more from now on, because something interesting happens when  I don’t write.  I begin to lose myself, as strange as it sounds, but it’s true.

Every writer, artist, blogger, hard working person notice this phenomena, you do your job and you sometimes enjoy it or sometimes you hate it. But at the end when you stop doing it, you lose yourself and everything you fight for, it can be anything from fame and family to money and sense of accomplishment.

Well I must admit that it’s just what happened to me, I stopped doing what I’m good at, or at least I think I am.

When You Stop Writing and Get Burned Out

I stopped blogging and writing for you, my blog lost it’s track and I lost the inspiration, you could easily say that I got burned out. It happens even to the best, you get up in the morning and you just can’t find any reason to continue writing.

It’s hard for me to write about this on my blog, but It’s one very important thing you need to know about, it can happen in your business and private life too.

So you need to know that money and fame comes with the sacrifice, it can be anything from your health or pride to your friends and family.

If you’re planning on becoming a full time blogger, YOU MUST organize your time better and your personal life with the writing and online fast growth.

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You just can’t imagine how it eats you from the inside out, blogging and writing can be a one way street if you’re not careful. But you can find that inner strength and once you find it, it will become easier.

Maybe I just missed the topic here, but I don’t care, you will figure out what I want to tell you. Once I got burned out, I started writing less and less and then, even strangest thing happened. I started losing even more, my online revenue got hit, my social life was in danger because I suddenly stopped doing everything.

You know that feeling when you loose your job (we all have/had 9 to 5 job at some point in time) and then suddenly you start loosing money, family or friends support and you’re stuck. Even after knowing that the job was actually bad or good for you, when you loose it, it’s like game of domino, everything starts falling apart. And then you need to find inspiration, you need to start working again, get back on the track, you need to find the reason you do all this.

How I Managed to Get Inspiration and Started Writing Again?

I’m about to tell you how I found that inner inspiration and started earning even more online with blogging and affiliate marketing. It’s really easy, just sit down and ask yourself one question: What do you want to do for the rest of your life?

You will be amazed at how your inner(something) will provide you with the answer. Just try to remember all the best things that happened to you in the past and all the things you did to build up your business or blog. Remember all the people that you helped and ones you’re about to provide with the information or product that will make their lives easier.

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The point of the post is: if you start doing less, you will loose more, don’t ever get burned out, stay on the track and do More, and you will get more. If you do get burned out and feel down, get up and continue working what fulfills you from the inside.

Making money online will never be an easy job to do, no job is easy to do, blog hard and play hard 🙂

Thanks for reading.


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