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I recently got an opportunity to review a book about management and how to run a business. Since I’m trying to help everyone who land on my blog I will not use hard business terms, since I didn’t knew half of them too, until now.

But I need to tell you what is it all about, the book is called  “Whole Business Thinking” and it’s about executive management and it’s for anyone who has to manage big or small businesses, online or offline.

Because all those terms you can find in book are important to apply to your online and offline business, whether you’re a blogger, business manager or CEO.

What is interesting is that there are over 700 Business Terms and Measure inside this book, I admit, I looked and read only ones that caught my attention and ones that are important to run your business more effectively.

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About The Author:

Robert S. Block (Bob) is a serial entrepreneur with a long and successful career in the fields of: management, computer software, communications, coach airlines, entertainment, international trade, commercial and pay television, and cellphone operating companies. He has contributed significantly to the creation and development of communication and entertainment technologies used worldwide.

What more do you need from an author, mix of a man with abilities  ranging from online to offline world. I was amazed by the review many famous writers and online editors left for this book. Mine is not maybe that good but I’m a blogger and I’m trying to make this closer to you, so bare with me.

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Block is the inventor and patent owner of more than 200 U.S. and international patents relating to: enterprise management (ERP) systems, solar energy systems, communication technologies, interoperability of non-compatible radio systems, in-building communications, information labeling, signal control, terrestrial and satellite distribution systems, smart utility meters, realtime subscriber billing systems, pay- per-view and parental control, speech education, exercise equipment and novelty items. Block’s inventions are licensed to most of the major consumer electronics manufacturers and have influenced entertainment, sports and information and education services worldwide.

What is this Book all about?

It’s all about the management, it doesn’t count if you just think about it but don’t manage to start it and run it. Sometimes people get blinded by the light and cameras so to speak that they forget and can’t find the way to run their business properly. Sometimes it’s even to complicated to learn all of the business management terms, but it’s not if you have this book. Over 700 terms that will save you both time and money when it comes to managing your online or offline business,because same rules apply for both worlds.

You will learn how to link past financial statements to future financial goals, how to connect decisions and actions, called “strategies” (performance indicators), to financial consequences and how to link the language of finance with the language of operations. WBT – EM provides insight to help you analyze the details and synthesize the whole so you can manage more efficiently and

I don’t know what to tell you anymore, this is something I needed to review and share with you. Just check the book for yourself and enrich you business vocabulary, and take action, it’s all that matters.

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