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We all have days when we feel a little off. Those are the days that you spend in front of your computer, staring aimlessly at a blank screen and hoping that inspiration will hit. As a blogger you know that you can’t afford to have off days. You need to keep your blog updated regularly in order to keep your profits rolling in. However life is still life and bad days happen.

Here are some tips that can help you to make it through the hard times and continue to make your blog productive:


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Just get started –The first thing I always recommend when it comes to blogging is just getting started. When you start typing, even if it is just gibberish or a rant on how much you hate blogging, you still get your fingers and brain in gear. I know if I can just get typing I will eventually get something down that is productive. The idea is to rely on muscle memory and instinct to get you going again. Another thing I recommend is waiting until you are through typing to edit. I know when I am feeling under the weather my spelling and grammar skills go out the window. If I stop to fi every mistake I make it gets me out of the writing groove and I end up back in a slump. Instead, wait until you are through writing and the go back and edit. It is much better for your brain and much easier than forcing a reset every few words.

Cut out distractions –When I am already having trouble concentrating I know I do not need any help in the distraction department. Things like coworkers talking, phones ringing, text messages and Facebook updates can all be huge time wasters and get your mind off your blogging. If you can, try to get away from it all. Shut off the phone, close down Facebook, and shut the door for some privacy. If that is not possible, then try to pick a work space that is out of the way. Do not set up to type in front of the coffee maker or water cooler. Instead, pick a place that is off the beaten path and away from noise. If you still have audio distractions, you can block some of them with music. However you should steer clear of lyrics. Music with lyrics can be just as disruptive as a loud neighbor. Instead try listening to instrumental music or nature sounds. They allow you to concentrate better while still blocking the noise. For myself music with lyrics is dangerous. I will find myself typing the words to the song instead of what I am supposed to be writing!

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Set aside time –Another important aspect to remaining productive even on an off day is to make blogging every day a habit. If you set up a specific time every day and make that blogging only time then you will not have such a hard time on the off days making blogging time happen. Think of it like you would basic hygiene or eating. It is just something that has to be done and it has to be done at the same every day. Getting into this habit will help you out to get more accomplished and will also help to decrease distractions as those around you will be used to your set schedule.

Keep it short – If you are really not feeling well enough to write a lot on your blog you should keep in mind that a short blog post is a good thing. In fact, many readers prefer a post around five hundred words to one that is several thousand words long. Most readers do not have time to do more than skim a blog post anyway, so why are you wasting your effort. If you have a topic that requires a lot of text then break it up into several smaller blog posts. Not only do your readers still get the benefits of your writing, but you get to stretch out your topic and look like you are actually providing more content then you would have otherwise. Keeping it short does not just apply to the overall length of your blog post. You should break up your post into smaller sections divided by headers to make it easier for readers to scan and keep track of what the main ideas are. Your paragraphs should also be on the sort side to avoid intimidating readers. After all, no one wants to plow through a huge chunk of text all jumbled together.

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Use images –One thing that bloggers often forget is how their blog looks to readers. Most readers are not impressed by a blog full of nothing but text. Instead, try to add a visual element to your blog by adding images to your blog posts. An image can work well as a blog post pretty much on its own, with only a caption or small description, or you can do more with it. The point is that images can make a blog post more attractive to readers and it takes little effort on your part, which makes it great for blue days. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. There are many places you can find great photos that are free to use on your site. One site I use a lot id They offer great professional stock photos for free in small sizes. Make sure that whatever image you pick works well with your blog post topic and your blog’s format. You will want to use something that stands out and grabs people’s attention. A funny, cute, colorful, or strange image is best.

Look for inspiration –Another thing that images are great for is inspiration. I know that when I am out of ideas it is hard to think of anything new while I am sitting there, staring at a blank screen. However there are many places that you can find inspiration. One of the best ways for me to get inspired is to talk to other people. Face to face conversation can open up your mind to new ideas. People also can share their concerns and interests with you more easily, making you more aware of what readers might possibly be interested in reading about. This only works well with some people, of course, but I have found it to be very inspiring in my work.

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Another place you can look for inspiration is on social media. Much like having face to face conversations, social media allows you to get a glimpse of what is going on in other people’s lives. You may uncover topics that you would have never thought about writing about that are very relevant to your blog’s audience. You can also take a peek at competitor’s blog to see what their hot topics are about and do your own spin on them. Of course, you do not want to plagiarize but there is nothing wrong with borrowing a topic idea that works well with a similar audience.

These are just a few of the ideas that have worked for me in the past when I have had off days. Blogging can be a difficult way to make money but it can also be very profitable if it is done right. You have to keep up with your blog on a consistent level to make it pay off though, so blue days are not really in the running. Hopefully I have been able to help you to overcome your blogging blues and get back on the road to productivity.


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