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Today’s modern business is competitive, adaptable and customer focused in ways only made possible by streamlined technology. When managers harness the power of cloud-based systems, communicative processes and software, limitations are removed and growth & development secured.

There’s more than enough technology out there for large corporations, but what about small to medium businesses like yours? Can you also benefit from a small scale freight management software system, or a CRM hub that helps your staff communicate more efficiently? The answer is an emphatic, YES!

The secret to developing your business and competing with other companies within your niche is knowledge. This article will give you five simple tips that will:

  • Reduce your staff headcount
  • Streamline your stock processes
  • Simplify communication
  • Accelerate sales
  • Create higher customer satisfaction

It’s all about making your company function like clockwork. Are you ready to learn?

A Virtual World for Running Your Business

Companies are no longer limited to hire within their geographical area. Today you have access to global talent by simply changing the structure of your business from physical to virtual. Virtual offices are not only an economical investment, they’re also much easier to manage. Workers who form part of one single, unified virtual office can work from anywhere in the world, while delivering the same—if not better—efficiency than a conventional office. This is one sure way to decrease your costs, up your productivity, and access better working talent across the board.

Freight Management

Logistics is the lifeblood of any business. Traditional freight companies can be complicated and expensive to work with. A good shipping software system will allow you to tap into existing logistics networks without the cost, complexity and frustration, and allow you to:

  • Track your stock from production through to delivery
  • Negotiate the best delivery rates from multiple couriers and freight services
  • Schedule all deliveries ahead of time by calculating and foreseeing future freight necessities
  • Ensure legal and compliancy adherence regardless of product source or destination
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Good freight management means that the tasks typically handled by people can now be managed by software, which reduces your headcount and increases speed & efficiency; without any serious overhauls of your current workflow structure!

Centralized Communication

Communication is essential to any successful organisation. It’s the one element that helps all your staff work together while working alongside your automated systems. Good communication software such as Skype or Slack help you maintain the virtual office concept without the need for a conventional office environment. For those in an office, modern telephony technology such as cloud-based unified communications systems can streamline your external and internal communications processes and create efficiencies.

Self-Service Data Management

Customer self-service is not only more efficient for a business, it’s become compulsory for most EU based companies that work with personal customer data. This once again eliminates the need for increased staff who manage your customers, since your customers can now manage their own information as well as their ordering processes.

Automated Admin Tasks

HR, invoicing, stock management and quoting are all part of virtual office management systems that your company will benefit from. All of these automated administrative tasks will form an integral part of your business and set the tone for efficiency, customer centrality and streamlined processes.

Find software packages that you can integrate into your current work process to ensure minimal disruption to your workflow. If they aren’t making your office system more streamlined, it means you may have to find a more comprehensive system, or one that fits in with your business type.

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