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Technology as a whole as opened the doors for new innovation and new ideas when it comes to the business world. Businesses don’t need to be within an office, but can be built within a coffee shop, while meetings can be done through the use of video or chat.

The past economic hardships that have been faced by our power countries have also helped to open and shape the way we build business. The Internet has brought us the ability to start businesses online or even maintain a self employed structure of business with online tools and programs; social media especially has helped with this exposure, as has the growth of mobile technologies and devices.

For many businesses, the new school of thought on using social media or the Internet in general is still a bog that some won’t enter into. However, the reaches of the Internet far outweighs any concern a business – large or small – might have; mobile technology alone has seen growth in teh last couple of years, with the popularity of smartphones and tablets continually growing and marketing for these devices has seen a 400% increase in terms of ad revenue.

So how can a business put technology to use in order to grow themselves and their product?

The first thing that any business should concentrate on is that of utilizing their presence on the Internet. This usually starts with a company website that showcases the products or services offered, along with a blog that further engages with consumers, both current and potential. Websites can get more traffic when people know about them, which is why it’s important that a business tells their customer base about it, through word of mouth, ads, and social media.

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One of the best ways to get even more exposure is through link building. Link building has gotten a bad rap, thanks to malicious websites or links that serve to go no where or install code or viruses within websites and even computers. This is not to say that link building is all bad, because it’s not; it can actually help websites – and thus companies and products – achieve high rankings on search engines.

This type of presence growth isn’t as easy as it might look; again, because of the bad link builds, many search engines – like Google – have cracked down on this illegal type of use. Quality over quantity is something Google is very adament about; that’s why many businesses turn to a trustworthy link building agency. These types of companies specialize in link building – knowing the type of SEO needed, which keywords to focus on, and placement of links in a concise manner that makes sense to not only the search engine indexing it, but the reader who will read the content.

The professionals there can explain the ins and outs of SEO, as well as the practices and processes search engines take when it comes to making sure relevant information is sitting pretty on the first page of results. These are such some of the first steps to take in making your company’s presence known on the Interwebs.

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