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Effectively communication with both current clients and potential ones is pivotal. It can give you company a good public image and aid the growth of your business. Some methods are more successful than others. So, it is important that, as a respected company, you make the right choices. Here are the most effective ways to communicate with your business’ clients.




By communicating via email, you are giving the recipient space. They are not inclined to respond, but if they chose to, they can do this at their own time and leisure. It also allows them to give you their attention on their terms, without feeling hounded. A top tip for email is to make use of the subject line – that is the first and sometimes only thing a client will read. Keep messages short and snappy, and make them replyable. Always include a question or a remark that may entice a response.




Video conferencing is something that the digital age has gifted us. Now we can save massive amounts of our time because there is no need to be at meetings on the other side of the world. This also keeps costs down, while still providing you with face-to-face contact with clients. Employees from other businesses will appreciate not be asked to fly from overseas for a simple one-hour meeting. This will improve relations in itself. Just be sure to stick to your schedule, people don’t like being messed about.


Use Their Language

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If your business works with those of other countries and even continents it can be very easy to get lost in translation. This is not very effective. It’s important to still use a client’s language to communicate with them, however. There is an abundance of business translation services available. These can alleviate the trouble of merely relying on Google Translate to get your business with clients resolved. While on the topic, it is important to respect and be aware of any cultural differences when meeting foreign clients. Don’t be ignorant of these, they can counteract the effectiveness of your communication skills.




Sending somebody a letter can be much more powerful than you think. It seems like almost everything we get is junk mail these days. So a client receiving a personal letter will certainly be impressed. It is a rarity in the modern day for us to receive mail that is important. Therefore, this will leave a lasting impression with whoever your recipient is. Think about it, you’re much more likely to disregard correspondence over email than you are if it’s coming through your letterbox. Give it a go. You may be more likely to get a response.


These methods of communication will help you engage better with clients across your business. Each approach will be more effective with different individuals. So, it is important to experiment with all of these mediums. Clients appreciate being spoken to and communicated with in the right way. They relish having their time respected and ultimately this will be reciprocated to your business.  


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