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Do you fancy yourself as a bit of a Gordon Ramsay? Do you fancy setting up your own quality restaurant? Well, this post is designed to help you do just that! Many people have this kind of dream nowadays, and for one reason or another a lot of these restaurants don’t reach their first birthday. It isn’t all smiles, happy staff, ecstatic customers, and bursting cash registers – in fact, this is a very demanding business, with all kinds of potential problems lurking. Want to know more about starting a quality restaurant?

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Learn the Craft

Learn the craft: how to cook and run a business. This is very important and could take years to do. A lot of people don’t bother to do this, and think that because they can throw a few simple dishes together they’re capable of running a restaurant – wrong! Learn anything and everything you can before starting, including taking classes to get qualifications.

Do Lots of Research

You need to know your target market and cater for them specifically. What does the area you’re opening up in actually need? You need to know the area, the competition, and your target market to stand out from the crowd.

Select a Great Chef

Your biggest and most important investment will no doubt be a great chef. Your chef needs to have many qualities, including being a fantastic motivator and leader. Your customers should be queuing down the street to come back and taste his culinary delights once more.

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Be in Charge

You’re the boss, so you need to make sure you’re helping your staff grow, learn, and evolve constantly. Motivate them and hold on to them. This is your responsibility. However, you should always take your staff’s opinions into account – nobody likes working for a control freak!


The management and head chef need to be in constant communication to be successful. Every member of the staff should be working as a team. If this doesn’t happen, you need to show them how. Team building courses are great for this!

Your Menu

If you envision a long menu with lots of dishes, then you might not be in for the best result. Long menus cause confusion, lower the standard of work and food, and mean you waste a lot more food than you would if you had a few select dishes on the menu. With a few well cooked, quality dishes, your chefs will be more efficient and your customers will be happier.

Don’t Cut Corners

On busy days it can be tempting to cut corners to save time, but this can ruin your reputation in the long run. Never send out a dish that isn’t perfect to any customer.

Appropriate Certificates

All of your staff need hygiene certificates and your kitchen must be absolutely spotless. This is essential in keeping your diners healthy and happy. You’ll also need a kosher certificate from a kosher certification agency to show that you’re reputable!

Above all else, you need to stay determined. Never give up, and always strive to be better. Good luck!

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