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In today’s era and generations, people tend to be as busy as a bee in every second of their lives. There’s no wonder why, since everyone is rushing and tries to do the best out of his life – yet, there are so many wonderful things not to pass by, but stay and reflect upon. While being busy is, at all times, a state of mind, being productive makes you feel rather astonishing and always ready to make the next move. If you wish to learn more concerning the subject, make sure to stick with us and keep an eye onto the following lines to find more!


Busy People Want to Look Busy.

Believe it or not, all the busy people use to love to show to the rest of the world that they are actually doing something but in such a busy way. The fact that they are not available, like never, is what makes them feel important and relieved. Still, you could do so many other things in order to be busy but not show it to the rest of the people, because this is just how it works and how people will start perceiving you as a productive one.


Productive People Have Few Priorities

Yes, this is so right! Productive people are the ones who manage to touch and put into practice all of their priorities, and that’s exactly why they will never fail. Making few priorities will leave you enough time to add some extra on your list, and by the end of the day you will just see all of them on a straight line going up!

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Saying YES – quick or slowly?

Whereas the busy bees say yes on a quick and fast way, the productive ones think before verbalising it. Basicly, the difference in here stays on the fact that the productive fellows don’t accept something rightaway – instead, they think it, rethink it, think it twice and only later they will say yes – or even no!


Let the results do the talking

Have you ever heard of someone always complaining about what he does? Well, let me tell you that this guy right there is a busy bee – but not productive – not at all. The productive fellows will never complain, but let the results do the talking. So, what kind are you? A busy bee or a productive fellow?


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