You probably remember last year when I wrote an article about GetTaxi application and how it helps taxi drivers to find extra jobs and make money.

Well this time, I bring you a similar app from Madrid in Spain, called Cabify, great app to use if you need taxi or if you’re a driver looking for job on the side to make some extra cash.

Make Money With Cabify if you’re a Taxi driver

The idea is simple, it helps people to get from place to place by finding taxi drivers near by and it helps drivers to make money by simply using their terminal and software that allows you to receive and respond to customer requests.

What are the requirements? Besides having a great attitude and presence, it is necessary that you drive and keep in perfect high end vehicles. And of course, you have to have all the necessary permits and insurance.

The difference between GetTaxi and Cabify is that you will not have to do any initial investment or pay any monthly fees to work with Cabify.

If you ask me, it can’t be better than that, great idea, and great opportunity for people in Spain to get to desired destination faster. And for drivers it’s one interesting way to make extra money on the side or even the full time income.

Because as you can see, people changed the ways of looking for a taxi, we all use apps now, if you need anything, just download the app, and Cabify is not an exception, there is an iPhone and Android app you can download and use. So if you are a taxi driver, you should definitively give it a chance, you could beat your competition and find some extra gigs.

You will not have to do any initial investment or pay any monthly fees to work with Cabify.

For more information please visit Cabify website or their twitter and facebook pages. thank you for reading