A car owner can occasionally find lower prices by bargaining for new and pre-owned parts like at It is an easy way to save cash and still find the needed part. However, often, you will want to buy a new part or one from a reliable source. With this in mind, here are five car parts you can’t afford to bargain.

Brake pads: If your brakes don’t work as well as they used to, it is time to take your car to a mechanic and ask him or her to check them out thoroughly. Or, if you know how to do this on your own, you can remove your tires and take a peek. When looking to buy new pads, don’t try to save money and buy low-end ones. With brake pads, concentrate on quality and buy a brand with a solid warranty and plenty of satisfied customers. Then, you can drive your automobile all over the place without worry.

Any computer part: Electrical parts are tricky and often fail to work when your car ages. To fix them, don’t try to do it yourself or buy pre-owned parts. While tempting to head to a salvage yard, you should head to a local or online auto parts store where you will find quality electronic parts for your car. Otherwise, if you try to save money and buy a used part, you may end up on the side of the road with a car in need of repair.

Filters: Don’t buy a cheap filter from an unknown manufacturer. Your car needs a decent filter that takes in the air and keeps out dust and other damaging particles. Since you don’t need to replace a cabin or engine air filter often, spend wisely and buy a new one from a reliable source. When you buy a nice one and focus on quality, your air filter will last longer and you won’t damage your car or engine. As a side benefit, you will enjoy higher gas mileage as your car will run more efficiently when you use the optimal filters.

Spark plugs: Let’s face it, if you are stranded, you will experience plenty of frustration, especially if you are busy or your car is full of kids. To avoid issues with your car starting, use high-end spark plugs from a reputable company. Otherwise, if you try to save a few dollars by buying cheap spark plugs, you will end up needing an expensive tow.

Tires: In trying to save money, automobile owners can buy used tires. It is an easy way to cut your expenses as you can often find lightly-used tires at salvage yards. If you inspect them thoroughly, you can spot any cracks or other issues. While you can find a decent deal, do not give into the temptation. Head to a tire company and buy quality ones. By purchasing quality tires and paying a professional to put them on correctly, you won’t worry about a blowout or other serious problems while on the road.

There are smart times to bargain and look for excellent prices on everyday items. While true, when you own a vehicle, spend wisely and invest in quality and reliable parts. If you don’t look for quality parts, you will end up with a problem when your vehicle breaks.