The video I’m about to share with you can help you to understand the interesting part of everyone’s career, and that’s daily commute and how it effects the people.

Maybe you didn’t know but people who walk or bike to work are more productive and happier employees.

A study by Ph.D candidate Oliver Smith at Portland State University found that, of all types of commuters, those who travel by bike rank the highest on measures of well-being.

This picture represents the claim:

And according to CDC:

In general, healthier employees are more productive.

  • Healthier employees are less likely to call in sick or use vacation time due to illness

And article that published last year explained this same thing:

Employees who bike to work:

  • are healthier, happier, and more productive
  • have lower health-related expenses.
  • save money on gas and or other commuting-related expenses
  • promote your green business.

As you can read, try to walk or bike to your work place, and you will be amazed of how healthy and productive you’ll become.

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