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accountingAccounting Technicians are found in all levels of the financial sector performing a wide range of roles. The technicians are also found in all types of organisations where they produce reliable financial information by collecting, checking and analysing the information. They can work independently or as part of a team of professional accountants although they typically work under the general supervision of designated supervisors.

Accounting Technician Roles

There are different levels of Accounting Technicians who perform different roles, which also depend on the size of a company. However, here are the typical roles:

• Checking and maintaining financial records

• Completing and submitting tax returns

• Recording receipts and payments

• Settling supplier invoices

• Monitoring company expenses

• Controlling budgets

• Verifying and reconciling bank statements and department records

• Verifying amounts and codes for accuracy

• Managing staff payroll

• Writing financial reports

The technicians usually perform various tasks in a small company while they work as part of team in large corporations where they specialise in particular areas.

Necessary Attributes

It is important for anyone interested in becoming an Accounting Technician to have the following attributes:

• Good with numbers

• Attention to detail

• Good at solving problems

• A strong interest in finance

• Work methodically

• Ability to work with standard office equipment, including computers

• Good written and spoken communication skills

• Enjoy working as part of a team

• Ability to work independently

• Good organisational skills

• Ability to meet deadlines and work under pressure

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• Be trustworthy enough to handle confidential information discreetly and with tact


The salaries that Accounting Technicians earn can vary significantly depending on location, ranging from €14,973 to €32,189. On average, these professionals earn €25,413 per year while trainees earn €20,000 per year.

Education and Training

Although no specific entry requirement has been set for someone to start working as an Accounting Technician, it is possible to study business, finance or accounting to prepare for the work.

Some people first study AAT Accounting Qualification on either part-time or full-time basis. Students take computer-based assessments that simulate practical workplace tasks. There are three levels, each of which requires about a year to complete. Other people study for the Certified Accounting Technician qualification, which also has three levels.

Alternatively, organisations such as Accounting Technicians Ireland provide on-the-job training and exams to help people learn as they work. Those who are not yet working can gain work experience through a number of ways, including:

• Internships

• Part-time jobs

• Job shadowing

• Voluntary work

Any of these methods provides skills and experience in a given industry or field, which paves the way for long-term work in the area.

Reasons to Consider Career as an Accounting Technician

There is a strong demand in the marketplace for people with accounting skills. Accounting Technicians can fill various roles in different accounting jobs, which provides excellent career prospects. The career offers a lot of flexibility because people can work in different places, including local and central government, private accountancy firms, banks and insurance firms, manufacturing companies and the health service. Qualified Accounting Technicians may even opt for self employment.

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In addition, many people use their skills and experience to take further studies and become professional accountants.

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