In recent years, the US and UK have witnessed the surge of demand for elocution lessons. Each individual has his/her own reason for taking such lessons from the idea of improving communication skills up to the increased chances of grabbing a business or employment opportunity. In the UK, some attribute the demand to the award winning movie The King’s Speech.

What is elocution anyway?

Elocution is basically an individual’s manner or expertise in speaking. When applied to education, it can be described as the personal training to become eloquent or the study of pronunciation, grammar, and improvement in overall speech. Aside from these aspects, elocution lessons also focus on correcting or softening one’s tone and accent. This is the reason why it became popular in the UK where regional or country accents are prevalent.

Are elocution lessons really worth it?

Without a doubt, these lessons are worth taking not only for adults but for children and teens as well. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to forget the local accent or heritage you have. Consider these lessons merely as an opportunity for you to improve your chances when it comes to business, employment, academics, or simply interpersonal relations.

It’s also worthy to note the top benefits of undergoing elocution lessons listed as follows:

  • Learn how to speak clearly and coherently. Although native English speakers already have a good grasp of the language, a lot still have a problem particularly the inability to speak slowly and clearly. When you speak too fast and slang or compromise most of your syllables, you will have a difficulty being understood. Elocution lessons help solve these concerns and additionally teach you to speak more coherently.
  • Be more confident in public speaking. The resulting benefit of improving your speaking skills will definitely be the enhancement of your confidence. If group or public speaking is an integral part of your career, then elocution lessons is worth taking. There are even schools that train you not only how to speak but as well as how to act and dress in front of the public.
  • To eliminate, hide, or soften your accent. One of the top reasons why individuals take advantage of these elocution lessons is to soften or totally eliminate their local accent. To some individuals, having a strong accent can be a disadvantage to their careers and even be the cause of bullying.
  • Help children do better at school and prepare them in life. Children are the ones that can reap the most benefits of elocution lessons because their tongue is still flexible and they generally carry what they have learned until adulthood. Better speaking skills in children would mean better performance at school, at the university, or being prepared when they eventually enter the labor force.
  • Reverse the negative effects of staying to long in front of the computer. Some experts note that the current generation has more problems when it comes to speaking because communication today is heavily focused on the use of internet and mobile phones. Elocution lessons provide a good practice for your tongue and reverse the negative effects of prolonged exposure to gadgets and the internet.
  • To get ahead of competition. Finally, elocution lesions can help you get ahead of competition by having expert communication skills whether it’s for business, employment, political, or any other motives and reasons.
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So, if you’re wondering whether elocution lessons are worth it, we’d hope that this article will help you make your mind up.


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