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I am not going to lie to you, and this is not a secret. Even though many might tell you nonsense, this is the real truth that only here you will find. No one would ever reveal this to you – is, in my case, one of those pparagraphsthat keeps me reading on and on, until I try to find out what is behind the words. I guess I catch you a bit, didn’t I? Well, let’s get ahead and stare at some of the catchy opening sentences every blogger should know! Besides being a blogger, the one who gets money is on top of all, a saler. Think twice before posting something up in order to add something new and inspirational to it, for the people to read and never get bored!

The Secret

For years now, people are driven into knowing the secret, that big thing that might change their lives! I drove you around it from the beginning of the article, trying to keeping your eyes on my lines. This is the trick, not only for eBooks but for posts that pay off so much money! Try adding something like „no one will tell you the secret – until you read me???, „little are the ones who know??? etc. and you can start write almost everything you like! But do not forget about the innovation, that piece that turns your article into a good shot.


Want to keep your readers entertained? Suspense is the key! To make a percentage, after every one paragraph you should provide your reader with a suspense phrase to make him read the next paragraph as well! „Keep on reading to see what’s the key???, „Trust me, you wouldn’t have thought of it!??? surely know the key to the top.

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I'm eating of my Blogging and I'm paying all my Bills

Playing with their time

You are a blogger, so you make money online, aren’t you? I do, as well. You should play with your time the way you are ought to play with the others – writing in such a manner you take good care of their precious time is something you need to look for. „In 5 minutes your life might change???, „These 3 quick steps are your path to a great morning??? can help you breaking the ice when there is no one around! People would gather, keep on reading your lines while trying to find out the secret, feeling as being in suspense and surely by someone who manages to best know their time!


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