When PayPal was firstly launched, many of us felt more than relieved to have a safety platform to make our transaction into. And it is not a lie, yes, PayPal is one of the most safety to transfer money at any time, regardless of location or time zone.




Still, nowadays concurence plays with our mind and companies know that pretty well, reason why there could be launched something even better than PayPal – still safe, still payable and still requiring money – but not as much as PayPal does. If you wish to find some of the insights and what to expect in the next months, stick with us and see what the next lines are all talking about!


Having a short and cute name, IFAN is set to bloom the market in a few weeks from now. It enables everyone and everywhere to use a credit or debit card, without having to fear about missing the codes. It has to expiration date, no card number so no reason why to feel unsecured when making your payments online – through a laptop, tablet or smartphone.


The major drawback of the ones who use credit or debit cards to make their payments consists of the fact that there remains your data when making any purchase. Anyone could be using it from now on, let alone the commisions that they take you when the deal is done.


Most of the PayPal users know that by using it, they use the safest method to make easy and comfortable purchases, not having to move at all for it. Apparently, PayPal doesn’t seem to be the only one to do it, and definitely not the safest.

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IFAN is said to become the most preffered, due to a series of reasons:

  • Smaller fees: PayPal charges at the present time a fee of about 3%, whereas IFAN charges 0.7% per transaction, turning the difference into a 75% plus for choosing IFAN.
  • Immediate receivement of funds: IFAN practically gives the merchant the opportunity to receive the funds in a matter of seconds, whereas PayPal is known for its 2 to 3 days of payment processing.
  • No chargebacks: When using IFAN, the transaction will be either done or not. PayPal has a way of letting evil customers buy a product while doing the payment and immediately reversing it. The outcome is that they receive the product and their money back, whereas IFAN will not permit such a thing.

The IFAN Financial is, in a matter of time, said to replace the worldwide renowned PayPal.

We are not brokers but IFAN Financial (OTCBB: IFAN) looks very promising and for any investment advice you should consult your broker.


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