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Hi everyone, it’s Monday again, and I’m ready to tell you about new and interesting startup made for Chefs and people who need to hire a Chef.

The website is all about helping chefs to make money by finding a job opportunity online using this interesting startup called ChefSurfing, a place for chefs to make money online and find a job.

I like food, and I like to eat healthy as much as I can, yes it can be hard to eat healthy, because we live fast lives these days and technology sure makes everything even faster.

Then why not hire a Chef from time to time and let him cook and prepare food for you, it sure beats our cooking and it saves us a time.

I’m mostly writing about websites that can help you to make money online or work from home using web tools. And then I have noticed that some people still want to learn about traditional ways of making money online. Like with their cooking, singing, dancing, painting and some other non technical jobs.

Which is why I’m writing about ChefSurfing, because I personally think that this startup is one of the best out there where you can make money doing non-technical jobs.

How Chefs Can Make Money Online Using ChefSurfing?


I’m aware that it can be hard to find a good job opportunity if you’re a chef, especially now in the Internet era, where there is a lot of competition online and many restaurants are competing and taking over the market with their websites.

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And you are a one man army, but don’t let that discourage you, at chefsurfing, you can make money by simply creating your profile and connecting with people who need a chef. You can find people that need dinners at home, office, you can cook for their events et… Basically, you can offer your serivices to thousands of people that need a chef, this is for sure the easiest way for chef to make money using tech startups like ChefSurfing.

Here are the FAQ from the Website for more info!

What is Chef Surfing?

A new home for chefs on the web. Chefs create their professional profile, share their expertise and find jobs. Guests hire a chef the easy way by posting a request and receiving custom proposals from chefs in their city.

Who can use Chef Surfing?

Chef Surfing is made for chefs. Our first goal is to help culinary artists succeed in their endeavors,  find new customers and get better jobs. Also it is made for customers who want to hire a chef the easy without spending time on the phone or sending thousands of requests through the email.

Great People Behind the ChefSurfing

Eric Knudtson Founder

Clara Gonzalez co- founder


There you go, I’m sure that you learned that online jobs and opportunities can be as valuable as the word of mouth and offline  opportunities. You don’t need to struggle any more in finding your next customers, join ChefSurfing, find the job opportunity, make money, enjoy meeting new people and show your skills.

You can visit ChefSurfing twitter or facebook page to find out more, I must say that cooking is one very interesting way to make money online and I’m glad that I wrote a post about this niche and type of business that is honest, healthy and will always be popular.

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bon appétit 🙂



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