I want to tell you about new website which will change the way we buy and sell online. Forget all the other methods you used before to buy and sell on twitter, because Chirpify turn your followers into “instant customers”. Yes, the twitter is going to be changed from now on, not just by design but with the eCommerce solutions like Chirpify.


Chirpify is the website where you can sell your products by tweeting about it, create and tweet offer with product image. And your followers that decide to buy the product, will reply to you with the simplest word “buy”. After that, the transaction is processed and order is fulfilled,  you just sold your product instantly to your followers.

It’s simple as tweet, wait… it’s tweet now 🙂 you get the picture, lets get over some more options and interesting stuff from the Chirpify. To use all Chirpify options, you simply need to tweet “buy” “sell” or “donate” depends what you want to do, to buy, sell something or donate money.

There are no any fees to shop on Twitter with Chirpify, which is great way for shoppers to save money.

From the site:

Founded in 2011 by @ChrisTeso, Chirpify turns your Tweets into transactions, enabling consumers and businesses to buy, sell, donate and transact on Twitter.

Chirpify transforms Twitter from a broadcast platform into a transactional one.

The combination of frictionless one step transactions, social commerce, and Twitter’s real-time reach, is what makes Chirpify such a powerful platform.



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This service is for:

Brands –  Your Tweets should do more than just broadcast.

For individuals & small biz – List anywhere, sell on Twitter.

For shoppers – Real-time deals from the shops you follow.

The Chirpify is really one unique and very useful website for individuals and brands to make money online and to monetize the tweeter followers. Followers can become very good customers since the early days of tweeter of course, but instant buying and selling something that will surely stick around.

What do you think, is this good way to monetize your followers and to make money online or is it going to annoy them with tweets  that contain this ecommerce solution.

For more info, visit Chirpify and find out how even more about turning tweets into transactions.