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Lifts and elevators are extremely useful. Without lifts, it would be impossible to think about soaring skyscrapers that rise hundreds of feet above the ground. Over the years, elevators have evolved tremendously. If you want an elevator for commercial use, you find numerous options. However, before you buy an elevator for commercial premises, you need to keep certain important factors in mind so that you can make the right choice. 
Consider your precise requirements
Elevators are of various types and suitable for different conditions. It is important to keep in mind that residential elevators are not the same as commercial elevators. For one, commercial elevators need to carry larger loads. 
You also need to consider the needs of the lift. There are basically two types of lift hydraulic lifts and traction lifts. Hydraulic lifts cannot be used in commercial properties that are more than six storeys tall. As the name suggests, hydraulic lifts works on hydraulic fluid. An electronic pump at the base of the lift pumps hydraulic fluid into a jack, which in turn pushes a piston. This piston causes the lift to move up or down. 
The other type of lift used is the traction lift. These types of lifts are used on premises of more than eight storeys. In this principle the law of traction and weight balance is applied. The lift capsule is counterbalanced in weight by another load of equal weight. These two components are then connected by the use of sturdy sheaves and rope arrangement. As the lift ascends or descends, the weight is counterbalanced by another load moving in the opposite direction.
As per rules, residential elevators should be equipped to carry a load of 2500 pounds. Office elevators need to support a minimum load of 3500 pounds. Elevators used in hospitals and industries support much higher loads. The size of elevators also varies depending on the place where it is used. So, the choice you make should suit your precise requirements. 
Adherence to safety precautions 
Before you purchase a lift, always ensure adherence to safety standards. Make sure that the lift has safety brakes, a regulator to control speeds, emergency buttons, stop button, battery backup, easy manual lifting and lowering, and interlocking door feature.
A lift that does not contain these features can become a potential risk in the commercial premises. So, check with the authorised agency that is responsible for certifying elevators in your local area. Buy lifts that are completely safe. 
Visual appeal 
In commercial premises, visual appeal is also a very important factor to consider. So, make sure that the lift suits the theme of the commercial space. You can choose different types of lifts. Capsule lifts, closed lifts and glass lifts are some types that you can consider. If you want a specific type of lift, you can also order custom built models from reputed manufacturers. 
Service and maintenance requirements
Servicing and maintaining an elevator is extremely important to ensure its safety and durability. So, buy from a brand that offers prompt service. Provision for maintenance contracts and cost effective service are some factors that you need to check. Make sure that the brand is highly reliable. 
While a high quality lift is safe, a poor grade list that does not adhere to quality and safety standards can lead to a number of avoidable tragedies in the commercial premises. So, make sure that you do not compromise on quality of the commercial lift. 

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