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When it comes to investing in a fleet of company cars for your business, selecting the right type can be tricky. Will you need a range of different sized vehicles? What kind of journeys will you employees be making? What are the most fuel efficient cars and most importantly what cars will best service your needs at the right price. With all the concerns in mind, selecting the right cars can be tricky. Here’s some advice for choosing the best company cars for your business:

  • Think About the Environment

Keeping carbon emissions low is important in two ways. Firstly, it’s vital to look after the environment and secondly, it helps to keep your business costs down further as car tax rates are increasingly lower when it comes to low emission vehicles.

  • Fuel Economy

Fuel economy is really important factor to think about when choosing the best company car for your business. If your employees are going to be covering a lot of miles for the business, a diesel engine might be much more cost effective than a petrol. However, diesel cars aren’t always the most economical and can have higher tax rates, so it’s important to look into all this before making a decision on which type to go for.

  • Repair Bills

Selecting a car which doesn’t cost thousands to repair can be really handy when you’re the owner of several can be costly when you consider the potential number of bumps that could possibly happen. It can be worth investing in more advanced models to prevent this, things such as parking sensors come at an extra cost but can prevent you having to fork out for costly repairs.

  • The Model
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Choosing a car that’s versatile, stylish and perfect for the purpose intended is important. The broad selection available at places like Motorpoint can be great as you can choose from estates, hatchbacks and 4×4 to find the perfect company car for you. It’s important to think about safety when selecting a company car so going for an engine that’s not overly powerful is always advised. Extra safety features like ABS breaking and a tyre pressure monitor can also be great additions to ensure driver safety.

Company cars are an extension of your business, so it’s vital that they look great. As they can be quite expensive, taking all the above into consideration is important when selecting yours.


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