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For those who have recently experienced the pain, trauma, and stress that comes from being involved in a motor related, employment related, or crime related accident, you will be pleased to know that there is an end to your suffering and a way out of the financial and physical misery that you may be going through. Many services in the UK exist solely to support you and your family after an accident of this nature, and with the help of specialized solicitors and representatives you will be able to earn the compensation and payment that you deserve for some of the most common injuries and accidents that occur.

While the bad news is that accident compensation cheques often are slow to come as cases take a long time to process and, depending on the circumstances of your exact accident, your case may not be given top priority, there is also good news. Many accident claim specialists are able to provide you with instant cash advances, and through some specialists you may be able to predict a quote of just how much cash you are entitled to. Depending on where the injury is on your body, how severe it is, your physical circumstances, the perpetrator of the event, and a host of other factors, you can use a claims calculator to predict your incoming cash flow as a result of the accident.

How to Predict the Amount You are Owed

You will want to take a look at one of the number of claims calculators that are available online to get started, such as the Accident Claims Calculator. This web based tool is useful to those who have an injury in a very specific and distinct part of the body, and are curious to find out how much they are owed based on an injury sustained directly to that body part.

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On this particular claims calculator you will find an image of the human body that you may hover over to determine how much an injury to, for example, the upper torso, or the lower back, might be able to earn you. For instance, a minor head trauma, such as a concussion that you experienced while in your place of work, would be worth anywhere between £1400 and £8100, depending on how serious the concussion was and what its long term implications are seen as being (as determined by a GP, most likely). However, an injury to the arm – say you pulled your shoulder out of its socket while reaching for something at your place of employment – might be worth up to £191,500, especially if you are in a scenario where the injury incapacitates that part of your body for life.

Each part of the body comes with a range of estimated payments that you might be owed. You will need to know that what you are owed probably comes close to the lower figure of the range if the injury is minor, if you are unlikely to experience severe long term effects from it, and if the experience was only slightly traumatic. However, if the injury you have sustained was severe enough to dramatically impact the rest of your life and your bodily capability, you can expect to be compensated a figure closer to the top end of the range of estimates.

Although the claims calculator will not provide you with a hard and fast figure that you can expect to be compensated, it is a very useful tool in determining the approximate amount of cash you are owed when you are just getting started in the process of filing a claim for an accident that happened to you. Take advantage of this tool to get a good estimate for your case, and you will be rewarded in the end when you are able to receive financial compensation equivalent to what you originally predicted.

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