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Social media has been marketing arena’s biggest game changer in the last decade. Marketing has been revolutionized by its honest, direct and realistic approach. Still many small-business owners find it difficult to tap into the resources of social media marketing and use it to the hilt. Enlisted here are some steps which should be followed for optimum utilization of social media for the business’ benefits

Connect, But Be Specific.

Posting about your grandmas’ secret omelette recipe one day and highlighting the features of your products and services the next won’t get you anywhere. All you end up doing is generating mixed responses and confusing the target audience. Dedicate a Facebook page or a LinkedIn profile just to state your company’s services,the quality of goods, any other features and regular updates on new innovations made.

State Your Services

Just mentioning “social media guru” or “technical expert” can get you a few likes at most, but it will not get you any constructive business. Expressly state the services or products that you provide and emphasize on details. The client should be able to gather what to expect from you by reading up whatever information you give online.

Choose the Tool

A guitar teacher might choose YouTube as a social platform for communicating with prospective learners or a person can choose Vimeo for sharing video content with limited people. Whatever it is, the choice of the medium to be chosen should be taken after considering the kind of product and service you provide and the concentration of the target audience.

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That’s what it is for, a direct two way interchange of information between the entrepreneurs and the prospects. Ensure that your online personality does not reflect poorly on your business ethics. Questions from readers should be carefully answered and negative replies should be strictly avoided. However, positive feedback should be encouraged, but subtly.

Measure Your Progress

There are various metrics available to measure online marketing progress. These include measuring no. of likes, views, shares, retweets etc. For a start-up, metrics that deal with reaching out (e.g. no of shares) should be a priority. Remember to correctly analyse information. No. of views is not the same as shares because every viewing is not the same, however a share is done only after a good reading and understanding of the message.

Planning is Essential

Haphazard choices never give desired results. Moreover, they can result in bad press and creation of an unstable image of your business. Proper planning that takes in to consideration the needs of the business along with the prospects of the media opted is what separates a successful social media campaign from a failed initiative.

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