How many times have you heard that someone with a college degree can’t find a good job? Probably more then once. Maybe you are one of those graduates. On the other side, every day new job ads are being posted. How is is possible that education isn’t enough for a good job? What can guarantee us a good job?

Today it is not enough to possess only expert knowledge and skills. Employers are expecting more from their future employers nowadays, skills such as transferal skills. Even though you probably didn’t know them by this name. These skills are called this way, because they can be transferred to any job. Transferal skills include personal qualities,¬†attitudes that help you work well with others and leave a positive influence on the work environment. The sub group of transferal skills are so called soft skills.

What are some of the soft skills that can help you in landing a good job?

Communication is the most desirable of all soft skills. Getting along with your co-workers, listening and understanding of instructions and problems, and pointing out to mistakes without the grudge.  Quick change and adjustment in your communication tone can be crucial in reaching agreements and sales.

Decision making – yes, this is also a skill. It’s aspects are gathering of valuable information, seeking advice, the ability to see a bigger picture, and having the ability to foresee some of the consequences of making a decision.

Commitment – maybe this skill is more a part of a character, but it can be mastered and each employer likes to see in their team reliable, hard working and motivating individuals. These kind of employees need very little supervision or additional motives.

Flexibility and time management – leaving your comfort zone and having an attitude that everything can be done is a virtue every manager will recognize. In combination with effective prioritization and feeling that with minimum time investment, maximum effects can be reached, each employer would want this kind of employee in their team.

Leadership and the skill of quick problem solving go hand in hand. Inspiring others isn’t reserved only for executives. Good leader knows when they should do the task, and when to suggest an initiative.