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You can run several promotional campaigns simultaneously. The one advertisement that you have focused on for 6 months can be used on your social media account and also on the nearest billboards that are located close to the most happening shopping mall in the city. The same ad that you have created for your linear TV advertisements can be used as a voice-over across the leading radio channels throughout the country. You can create so much more impact with your marketing methods. The only trick is to combine them intelligently. Let’s begin:

1.   You Can Combine Traditional Billboards With Geotargeting

Use beautiful billboards in addition to geotargeting because this is one of the most effective marketing techniques in 2022. The advertising revenue that it is expected to generate by the end of this year is more than $66.8 billion. Billboards are a great way to engage with your audience. When you combine that with the right digital tools, you get digital billboards. They are available at one-third of the cost of a traditional billboard. They offer your product virtually the same exposure and you can combine mobile device marketing strategies to reinforce your marketing message easily across various platforms.

2.   Linear Television Adverts Go Well With Video Ads

Not all your consumers are willing to let go of the traditional tv just yet. You don’t have to choose between tv and video ads. The most appealing advertisement that you have created for your television audience will find a comparably large audience on digital platforms as well. So this means that a promotional campaign or a series of ads that you have created for television can be run on video platforms such as youtube and also paid OTT platforms such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, Disney +, and apple +.

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You must also remember that these days, TV advertising has become much more affordable. If you are targeting local news, you may be able to attract a large portion of your target audience. You should take out some time to learn more about linear tv advertising and how can it work simultaneously on several platforms. The same ad can find a spot on live streaming platforms as well and also on the youtube channel of the same news network. This reduces your expense of producing different ads for the two different platforms and you can reach out to a larger segment of your prospects. 

  • Newspapers And Online Ads Offer You A Lot Of Exposure

When you print out a newspaper ad for your product or service, you can take out a digital version of the same and deploy it across various search engines. Some local publications will be more than willing to give your newspaper ad a chance. Likewise, local users of the most popular search engines will be able to find your newspaper ads in the form of effective Google ads or pop ups on the internet. The same message can be conveyed to your target market that is spread across various touch points. This is an excellent option for your business and it is highly suitable for you if you are running on a low budget. You can also enquire whether the newspaper you have associated with has an online component or not. They will be in a better position to help you connect with your target market through your social media platform as well where you can put this newspaper ad in a digital format.

  • Combine Radio Messages And Streaming Ads
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Contrary to popular belief, radio messages are very much alive till the present day. People still have several radio stations on their favorites list. You can get a lot of exposure from these platforms and if you combine the same with in-stream ads, it becomes a very effective combination. You can easily reach out to a large segment of your audience when they are driving to work and convey your interesting advertisements through their favorite radio stations. The best part is that several radio stations allow you a small yet reasonable spot for free if you are moving on a tight budget. You can then look for additional placements on podcasts and timeslots between series and movies that stream on various OTT platforms. These messages are relatively shorter and do not cause a dent in your monthly budget.

Final Thoughts

It is time to combine some of your best marketing methods and come up with a marketing strategy like never before. This will be one of the most impactful decisions you ever make for your brand.


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