Phrases and sayings are something that makes up the English language. There are some that have been around since the beginning of time- and with time. Unfortunately, with time, many phrases start to be pronounced and said incorrectly- so much so that the incorrect saying becomes the norm for some people. Here are some common phrases that you may have used at your place of business that you actually may be saying wrong.

“Case in Point???

It is very likely that you have heard someone say this as case “and??? point. However, this is incorrect. “Case in point??? is used when you are referring to an example of the point that you have just made. When you use “and,??? however, it is incorrectly making the example and the point to two different things. This actually sets them apart, instead of stating that one is an example of the other.

“You’ve Got Another Think Coming???

Surprisingly, this is one that many people get wrong. Many say, “you’ve got another ‘thing’ coming,??? rather than the correct way to say this phrase. This is actually a phrase that has changed with time, which may explain the confusion. At one time, the phrase was “if that’s what you think, you’ve got another think coming??? which meant that the individual should think again.

“For all Intents and Purposes???

Many people make the mistake of saying “for all ‘intensive’ purposes,??? which muddles the actual meaning of this phrase. When you use intensive, it means for these very thorough purposes, which is not nearly as sensible as the true meaning of the phrase. For all intents and purposes is actually a rather strong cliché, which means for the reasons that I have done this and all of the outcomes.

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“Nip it in the Bud???

The most common mistake that people make when saying this phrase is saying “nip it in the ‘butt’??? instead. However, this phrase is not intended to address someone’s backside. Instead, it refers to cutting off the bud of a flower, thus eliminating the problem at its source.


There are a number of people that mistakenly use the word “supposably.??? However, “supposably??? is not even a word. Instead, supposedly should be used.

“Should/Could/Would Have???

When people misuse this phrase in business, they replace the word “have??? with the word “of.??? Of, however, is a verb. This means that these people are using two different verbs, which is entirely incorrect. It leaves people thinking should/could/would of what?

Each One Worse than the Last

When people say this phrase, they often mistake it with “each one worse than the next.??? The problem with the phrase using “next??? is that it looks into the future. Therefore, it does not make sense in this context.

Statute of Limitations

Some people very incorrectly say the phrase “statute of limitations??? as “’statue’ of limitations???. This phrase is incorrect, and when you think about it, the phrase “statue of limitations??? does not even make sense.


In the world of business, knowing coffee is important. However, there are some people who incorrectly use the term “espresso??? and say “expresso??? instead. “Expresso??? is not even a word that exists. So, when you are ordering coffee for your boss, be sure that you are asking for the proper drink.

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The English language can be a tricky one. It is made even more confusing when the people you speak inside and outside of work incorrectly use phrases. These are some of the most commonly misused phrases in business. You can make yourself seem more intelligent and more business-like by learning to use them correctly.

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