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The way that we interact in the workplace is evolving as technology changes. We spend more time on our laptops and cell phones than ever, so it makes sense to ensure that we are leveraging relevant platforms and tools. Equally, it is imperative that we don’t lose our people skills. At times technology’s growth and capacity can come at a detriment to inner-office communications and relations. If your workplace communication needs some improvement, you may find that one of the five easy ways listed below can help you optimize it.

  1. Make Technology Work for You

A robust technology platform is an absolute necessity for any 2019 workplace. However, instead of purchasing a large-scale platform, you can find all the same benefits by working with unified communications partners. Your company will have access to cloud collaboration without geographical limitations, one number for each individual that reaches all their devices, and unified messaging, all without the hefty price tag.

  1. Find Preferred Methods of Communication

Have you ever wondered why some individuals read and respond to your emails, and others never engage via this medium? The problem may be that you are not conveying your message to them via their preferred method of communication. If you need to get valuable information to someone, watch how they communicate with others, then do that same thing with them. They will be more likely to respond in a timely fashion through their preferred medium.

  1. Use Visual Communication

Whether you are presenting information in a meeting or sharing it on a collaborative document, research shows that people retain information communicated via images better than that via text. If you have positive sales results to report, an arrow pointing up works better than a PowerPoint slide full of data. In presentations, you will find that your audience remains engaged if you choose to speak to a few visuals instead of reading from a slide. And don’t be afraid to include appropriate video content whenever possible as people are more likely to watch a video than reading the text.

  1. Have Face to Face Conversations
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Yes, text messaging apps are an excellent way to communicate information to many people at once, but they can also cause critical misinterpretation. In an increasingly digital age, don’t forget the power of a face to face conversation. It can be your most productive medium when it comes to encouraging collaboration, building relationships or discussing difficult topics. One effective way to model the importance of this communication is to walk over to your employees’ desk for a quick conversation instead of sending an email or shouting over a cubicle wall.

  1. Pay Attention to Your Nonverbal Communication

It is a proven fact, increased use of technology can make us more awkward in person. Don’t forget to pay attention to your nonverbal cues as others speak with you. Crossed arms and a body leaning away signals that you are not open to what they are saying, while hands in your lap and a body leaning forward encourages the speaker to continue. The level at which you speak to someone is significant as well. Instead of towering over someone as you deliver a message, which conveys intimidation and authority, sit at their level and talk eye to eye.

By optimizing your digital communication channels while simultaneously strengthening more personal and direct communication methods, you can rapidly improve workplace communications across the board.

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