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When one hears a complaint the first reaction they will typically have is that of a defensive action. If the complaint is about himself or herself or someone that is near and dear to them it is natural for the person to defend himself or herself or someone else. No one likes to hear negative thoughts portrayed to them but it might be able to work to their advantage in the long run and they could put those complaints to work towards their financial life. If you hear a complaint instead of getting upset or defensive it might work to your benefit to see it as a growth opportunity and run with it.

The Complaint Department

Have you ever been in a store or a restaurant where the service or product you have received has been less than stellar? Have you ever complained? Most people in the service industry would take your complaint and tell you that they will send it to upper management. However truth be told is that as soon as you turn around and walk away the complaint is forgotten about. What they should do is listen to the complaint and respond with a reaction that shows they will work on solving the problem. By providing a solution even if it is not right away will help with customer satisfaction.

Using Complaints To Your Advantage In Your Personal Financial Life

If you find that talking about money with your spouse often causes friction and leads to an argument you might find that you are going to ignore the problem in the future by not talking about that subject.

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Instead the solution to the problem is showing your spouse the different ways that he or she is incorrect on the subject. This does not mean that you should examine every detail and point out every difference to him but instead you should look at anything that is correct within the words that have been said. You should work on finding a solution rather than reasons why to argue. By showing a little bit of compassion and interest in what is being said. This is a way to get to progress on the solution.

If you admit to your spouse or the person who you are arguing with that you may not have all of the right ideas you are demonstrating the fact that you are responsible, mature and that you have a commitment of working together to find a solution. You will also find that it will give the person who is complaining to you the opportunity to realize that he or she is not always correct and that maybe the two of your can work out a solution to your problem. Working together is always better than arguing about it.

Complaints Can Lead To Improvement

If you have someone complaining about what kind of financial investments you have made or the ways you have spent your money instead of getting your defensive coat on what you should do is to listen to the complaints. If you sit down and listen to what the person has to say you might find that others will listen in the future and follow the example that you are setting.

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When someone is complaining to you about a financial move on your part you might automatically think that they are being mean because they do not agree with what you did. However what they could actually be doing is trying to help you. By listening to the complaints that others are saying you could actually help your financial future. Be smart and listen to the complaints it might actually turn into good financial advice.


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