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Social media can be a powerful marketing tool. You can make money if you help fans.   social media email

Unfortunately, most people don’t realize that social media fans and followers are still strangers, at least to an extent.

Twitter followers may find it difficult to visit your blog, let alone buy your product.

If that’s the case, we need to look for ways to engage this target audience.

The “money is in the list??? has always been the cliché, which thousands of marketers use. But it’s true; you can’t make a substantial income online without a mailing list.

I’ve seen people who are addicted to social media networks.

They can tweet for four hours. They’ve got 2000 – 10,000 twitter followers, but their email list is less than 100. But we can change this ugly scenario and build a responsive email list.

Listed below are 5 simple ways to convert social media fans into email subscribers:

1.    Get a lead magnet

What is a lead magnet? It’s the incentive which is used to encourage people to subscribe to your list. Without a lead magnet, it can be very difficult asking potential customers for their email addresses.

You need to study your niche properly to truly understand what they’re after. Would an e-book or short report entice them?

Why not use video marketing if your niche is internet marketing? E-books and videos work exceptionally well in IM niche.

Videos that show “before??? and “after??? results work better in health, automobile e.g. Ford Mustang parts, entertainment niches. In all, create a lead magnet yourself or outsource it.

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2.    Create a landing page

If you’re a blogger, the best way to start converting social media fans into subscribers is by sending to a landing page. You can create several landing pages on your blog. This page has one objective, which is, to capture name and email address of every visitor.

In affiliate marketing, a landing page is called squeeze page. But landing pages tends to provide more information about the product and solutions to readers. A squeeze page may not have this edge.

3.    Add value to everything

Why should someone join your email list? You need to give a reason why you’re the best person with the right solution. Adding value is all you need. It’s all about using content marketing, which is the best marketing tool ever to make your reader’s life come alive.

The lead magnet, the landing page and content used must be valuable. Avoid the temptation of using PLR products, without first adding extra “freshness??? to it. If you must use a PLR product, make sure you rewrite it or better yet, write content from scratch.

4.    Get a reliable autoresponder

Email marketing is the foremost marketing system that always delivers. When I came online, I didn’t realize how targeted email subscribers were. But now I know and it’s given me an edge over the teaming competitors.

A good autoresponder can deliver newsletter emails faster, and more accurate than other autoresponder services. If I must recommend a good one, Aweber and Getresponse are the best you can trust. Building an email list is a long term project. Be careful of what you choose.

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Avoid free email services. Invest a few bucks in monthly renewals and your business would grow exponentially.

5.     Drive fans to your landing page

And finally, drive fans to your landing page. It doesn’t matter how you do it, providing it’s ethical, consistent and without hype, it’d work. Web traffic is the lifeblood of your online business, without which, you can’t go far.

Write compelling content and share the link with your Facebook fans. When they arrive at your blog, refer them to “that??? landing page where they can learn more.

It’s always ideal to over deliver on what you promised fans. Situate your optin form properly and don’t overshadow the lead magnet – that’s your bait to catch a handful of prospects daily.

Social media takeaway

Yes, social media marketing is a revolution that the World Wide Web hasn’t recovered from yet. If you press the right buttons, your business will feel the touch; attract better prospects, make more money and gain credible traction easily.

If you’ve enjoyed reading this post, please leave a comment and let’s talk. Your social media success is certain!



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