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If you’re looking to make your new business successful this year, you need to think about how to attract the right employees. The best employees for your company will make it more productive, as well as offering new ideas on how you can improve your business model. A business owner is only as strong as the work force driving that line. If you want the best company you’ve got to have a great team behind you. But, you should have realised by now that the job market is competitive. There’s lot’s of people looking for jobs, yet only a handful of employees you’d want working for you. Unfortunately, these are the same people that your competition are after for their business. That’s why you need to think about the incentives you can offer to get them to work for you. We’ve got some great ideas and what you should be thinking about.

Company Cars

Say what you want about the modern business worker, but they know what they want. Most want to hear two words during an interview. You’ll also get a “company car” under the contract we’re offering. Company cars save employees a lot of hassle. Some will even take this over an increase in pay. Of course, you don’t have to offer your employees a company car, but it’s nice to give them that option. If you do, you can expect your business to look a lot more attractive to them. You might think that offering company cars makes things more complicated for you. But it doesn’t. Visa to Drive, a new service launched by TMC is a quick and painless way to get all the visas you need for your employees to drive company cars.

Flexible Hours

Not all companies are going to be able to provide this possibility to their employees. But if you can, it is something worth considering. People often have busy personal lives. Perhaps they have children that they need to pick up from school or other commitments. If you can allow employees who work early to finish early, you’re going to find that your business is a lot more attractive to the best employees. By doing this, you’re allowing them to plan their business day around their personal life. They will love this opportunity, and it won’t create any issues for your company.


Health insurance is incredibly expensive, particularly if you want private health care. But it’s also a basic necessity that people need. If you don’t have health insurance, you should expect to pay a fortune for health care if you’re ever injured or sick. This could be a surgical procedure or the flu that leaves you bedridden. That’s why it’s worth offering health insurance to your employees, if you can. By doing this, you can make sure that they have a basic human need for themselves, and their family. We know a lot of interviewees are going to be asking about this when apply for a job this year.

Offering these incentives, you can get the employees you want, nay, need.

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