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Do you ever wonder how you should show some appreciation to your clients or employees? In some instances, a pat on the back will suffice, but other forms of appreciation are also well received. Although spending money on your current clients and employees will not win you new customers, you will earn more respect and loyalty in the end.

When it comes to your employees, a little bit of extra TLC will help to lower job turnover and increase job satisfaction, which will impact the way in which they interact with your customers.

Here are a few ways to show appreciation in the business world:


You might be wondering if gifting your employees is a worthwhile expense when you are already paying them. However, the gifts do not have to be costly –
eco-friendly reusable coffee cups, computer, tablet or phone accessories or some quality branded apparel are inexpensive, thoughtful items that your staff will love. It’s a great way to show appreciation, and studies show that both workers and customers that feel appreciated are far more likely to remain loyal.

Give Your Time

No matter how busy you find yourself, it is critical to make yourself available to your staff and clients from time to time. When you do so, they will feel valued and motivated. A simple check in to see how they are faring, or allocating some face-to-face time if there is a problem might be all the encouragement that they need to keep up their good work.

Sure, you might have a great deal on your plate and finding those extra few minutes might be a challenge. Remember, though, your staff are also under the pump, working to deadlines and hopefully giving their all for the benefit of the company. Making time for them will show that you are all part of one team.

Words of Appreciation

If you want to reward your clients and employees, a few words of appreciation will go a long way – everyone likes to feel that their efforts have been recognised and appreciated and sometimes just a few words can be enough. Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and thank a client for a big order, or give kudos to a staff member who has gone the extra mile. Better still, acknowledging workers’ successes in a group setting will help to motivate the individual and the team and create a positive workplace culture.

Business Travel

Not everyone can afford a vacation every year. When you give your employees an opportunity to travel for business to conferences, trade shows, client meetings or other events, this can often be a hugely motivating factor. People respond well when shown trust and given responsibility. When you delegate these tasks to employees who are performing well, you’re telling them that you trust them to represent your organisation and they will usually rise to the occasion.

Treat Them to Lunch

Taking clients out to lunch can be a great way to foster a closer relationship in a more relaxed setting. Successful business is all about building rapport and sometimes bypassing the more formal office environment can help to oil the wheels of commerce.

For your employees, a team lunch can be wonderful for building camaraderie. Getting them away from their desks for a while will be a welcome break, and everyone loves a free lunch!

No matter how you do it, If you want to build a positive environment both inside and outside your office, just showing some sincere gratitude will certainly deliver results.

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