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Written by Russell Matthews

Maintaining your car can be as costly as purchasing the car itself. Oil changes, tune-ups, and belt replacements are inevitable. But it’s the costly repairs like servicing or replacing an engine or transmission that could put a dent in your savings. Before you know it, you would have spent thousands of dollars to service a single vehicle. Unfortunately, car maintenance is not something you can avoid, but with a few helpful coupons you may be able to cut costs.

How to find auto parts promo codes online

Use search engines, coupon sites, and local directories to locate promo codes for auto parts online. Enter the name of the part you’re looking for, followed by the term “promo code??? and you’ll get a number of results. For instance, if you’re looking for an alternator for your Honda Civic, your search would look something like this: “alternator Honda Civic coupon code.??? You can define your search even further by entering the name of the store.

Bookmark your favorite coupon sites

Specialty coupon sites dedicated to providing auto deals from around the web usually have the most reliable coupons for auto savings. Bookmark a few specialty and general coupon sites, and check in regularly to see what deals are available when you need them. SumoCoupon, like a few other membership sites, sends out email alerts to subscribers so you’ll get the deals delivered to your inbox.

Subscribe to manufacturers’ mailing lists

Although the coupons and promotions posted to stores and manufacturers’ sites are not as extensive as coupon sites, you should get on their mailing lists to learn of promotions as soon as they’re available. Some well-known auto parts stores offer unadvertised rush discounts where the first customers get the highest discounts. For instance, the first 1000 people get 30 percent off, and subsequent customers get a lower discount. Since these discounts rely on vigilance and quick wit, it’s important to sign up and monitor your inbox.

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Daily deal websites

Deals on tire maintenance, brakes replacement, and oil changes have been showing up on daily deals websites. A lot of these deals depend on timing, but if you get your oil changed a few days earlier than planned, you could save a hefty sum. Choose specific categories to subscribe to, so your inbox won’t be flooded with unwanted deals.

Ship to a local store

Get the benefit of online coupons and avoid shipping costs. Order your auto part online -if it’s cheaper than purchasing at a retail location- and use the ship to store option to avoid shipping costs. Verify that this option is available before you place your order, and once the item arrives, go to the local retailer to collect your part. This might seem to be a lot of unnecessary work, but it pays off it you’re purchasing a heavy item that will cost a lot to ship.

Use the tips provided to lower your car maintenance costs. Used the right way, coupons will reduce your costs by a few hundred dollars every year.

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