There are many people that seem to be able to create great websites and make money from them. It is something that most people could do, but there are a lot of aspects to think about. It is common to think that you just need a good looking website and the money will start coming in, but this is not the case.

Obviously having a website that looks good can be part of it. But even then the look of the site may not be that important to those looking at it; it all depends on who you are trying to appeal to. Some people would rather get lots of information from a website rather than worry about what it looks like.

Working out how to make money from the site can actually be the hardest part. There are different ways that you can monetise a site, such as selling advertising, using affiliate links, charging guest posters or selling things from the site but with so much competition these days it can be hard. Many people have ad blockers or they know that links are affiliate ones so will not click them. They may not trust you enough to buy things from your website or not like the site because of the advertising on it. It can be really tricky to get the balance right and find the right way to earn money. It used to be easier when there was less competition but now you need to give people a reason for visiting your site, staying there and making you money as well as revisiting.

It is wise therefore, to try to put together a site which is in a niche market. This will reduce the competition. Have lots of information and keep adding more to it in order to encourage visitors to return. It will depend on the content as to how you will make money as well as what is practical for you. Not everyone will be able to afford stock so that they can have a shop on their website and others may not want the hassle of having to post things out. However, finding advertisers can be tricky, although you can use companies such as Google adwords, but they will pay less compared with advertisers that you find yourself. Affiliate links can be good as long as people use them and you will have to rely on lots of people doing it as you will only earn a small percentage and will only be paid once you have earned a significant amount of money.

Once you have decided how to earn, you then need to encourage people to visit the site. This will take some marketing skills. You may need to pay for advertising or find good and free ways to advertise, if you have no budget. It is important to encourage the right sort of people to your site as you do not just want lots of visitors but you want those that will earn money for you.