A sign is an essential marketing tool for any business. It makes sense to create a sign with care, therefore, and a lot of consideration for the design. Every business owner wants an effective sign, but there is a vast array of signs that don’t attract traffic as well as they could. If you want to create a memorable sign that draws attention, the following tips can help.

The Right Size, the Right Location

A small sign isn’t likely to do your business any favors. Even so, many towns and cities have ordinances regarding sign dimensions. It’s a good idea to get the largest sign you can afford for your business and mount it where it can easily be viewed for car windshields. Also, locate your sign where it will be in easy view from traffic. Avoid placing it where it is likely to blend in with the surrounding scenery. For your sign to be memorable, it will need to stand out.

Stand Out

A reserved sign with muted colors isn’t likely to be memorable. When designing your exterior signage, it’s time to let your inner exhibitionist shine. In order to create a sign that stands out, you’ll want to employ colors that draw the eye. You may even want to use contrasting colors. Consider designing a sign with an unusual shape. A three-dimensional sign may also draw more attention than a flat sign.

Work with a Professional Sign Company

When you work with a sign company, you can explore their gallery of finished signs for ideas. They can discuss various design possibilities that you may not have considered. You’ll feel great knowing that design experts are there to help you create a stunning sign that will get the attention you need to draw traffic through your door.

A memorable business sign is often one that becomes a town landmark. It is a standout feature that can market your business throughout its life. A sign that blend into its surroundings too well or boast an elegant color scheme may not stand out the way you hope it will. By working with your design team, you’ll be able to achieve a memorable sign that is impossible to miss.


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