When the Internet was quite new anyone that could design a basic website could make a lot of money from designing even the simplest site. The coding was complex and many people were scared of doing it themselves or did not have the time to learn how to do it. However, now there are so many websites which can teach you how to do this as well as very simple programs to design websites which are free or very cheap then it is easy for anyone to design themselves a website. This means that it is not so easy to get simple web design work.

If you want to make money from website design you need to be able to make more complex websites. You need to perhaps know how to set up secure online shops, lots of interactive content and you will need to certainly be able to optimise the website so that it comes up high in search engines. These are more complex skills, but you can still learn them if you want to and you should be able to make good money if you can prove that the websites that you design do come up high in search engines and generate a lot of traffic and sales.

There are big companies that offer services like this and so you will need to be able to compete with them. This can be really hard in some ways, but being a small company can mean that you have a more personal approach and so this unique selling point could help you. You should also be able to build up and grow in size if you want to. You may be able to keep your prices down as well, if you are small and do not need premises, staff and other high expenses associated with larger companies.

If you are helping smaller companies then they may also benefit from information about how to buy a domain name and hosting and so learning about how to do this cheaply but effectively could be useful. You may also need a good knowledge of security certificates, particularly if you are making online shops.

Make sure that you do lots of learning before you start looking for customers so that you come across as knowledgeable and you can help them with everything that they require. If they get the impression that you do not know about everything that they want, then you will be unlikely to get any business from them. Also make sure that you are always polite and helpful, even to those you think will decide not to employ you because they may still recommend your service to other people. Good customer service is very important and it can be as important as actually putting together good websites for people and you will also need to make sure that you listen hard and do exactly what your customer wants. If what they want is impossible, make sure that you explain that to them, but otherwise it is important to not let your design ideas take over as if they have an idea they want then you need to respect that.